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Feb 24 2018
Madonna's RAY OF LIGHT Was/Is Pop Perfection Comments (0)

5a8478142000004d00eaee32(Image via Warner Bros.)

With the 20th anniversary of Madonna's Ray of Light upon us, a spate of articles have been churned out to revisit it and, in too many cases, to attempt to diminish the achievement that it was, and the pleasure that it still is.

Don't buy that nonsense. It's as if people want to try to chip away at all the inarguably great stuff Madonna has done, not content to turn their noses up at everything she's done since age 50 (or even 40; I've read lots of people who blow off Confessions on a Dance Floor).

Ray of Light is a classic pop record, unflinchingly honest and quirky, melodic as hell and generous in its acknowledgment of a world outside typical U.S. pre-packaged pop.

If you want to re-think classic hits of yore, there are many better examples of records that no longer sound as good, no longer pack the punch they did in their day. Ray of Light is still a ray of light.

Don't miss this terrific Billboard piece on that very topic.



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