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Feb 20 2018
Rain Dove, GENDER CAPITALIST, Lands 2 Mag Covers Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 4.40.14 PM(Images by Eva Zar/Gay Times & DIVA)

Rain Dove, a non-binary activist model and — this is self-proclaimed — gender capitalist, will make history by appearing simultaneously on a gay men's (Gay Times) and a gay women's (DIVA) magazine ...

The March 2018 issues feature photo shoots with Dove, who has appeared in ad campaigns for Calvin Klein and has modeled menswear and womenswear for Vogue, Elle and Cosmo, among others.

From a press release:

A former firefighter, Rain dismisses gender, believing it to be a social construct, and when asked which pronouns they prefer says “use what you want”. While others who do not experience themselves as male or female may identify as non-binary, gender-fluid, genderqueer or a gender, Rain rejects these labels entirely, instead referring to themselves as a “gender capitalist” — a person who “recognizes society’s perception of gender and capitalizes on it.”

Gotta say, that doesn't sound very high-minded to me at all.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 4.51.59 PM

People at both publications sound pretty chuffed by Rain Dove's appearances:

Carrie Lyell, editor of DIVA, said:

Rain is an incredible person and we are absolutely thrilled to have them RainDove_EvaZar_GT-34on our cover this month. In our exclusive interview, they talk about the importance of pronouns, the impact working in the fashion industry has had on their self-esteem, and the ways in which they are capitalizing on society’s perception of gender. I am immensely proud of this cover, and indeed the whole issue, which I believe is a game changer. I hope DIVA readers old and new enjoy it.

William J Connolly, commissioning editor of Gay Times, said:

After a recent rebrand, Gay Times is proud to emerge as a true champion of diversity. Our audience is yearning for the amplification of voices from the far reaches of the LGBTQ spectrum, and our collaborative cover with DIVA represents the genesis of a new era for queer media.

Linda Riley, publisher of DIVA, said

I am delighted that DIVA and Gay Times are standing together and acknowledging that those whose gender identity does not fit with the binary are as valid and valued as anyone else in the LGBTQ community. The LGBTQ community is a wonderful kaleidoscope of humanity, and featuring Rain on our cover sends a hugely positive message to everyone who might feel they don't belong. Both DIVA and our friends at Gay Times are proud to celebrate diversity.


Gay Times publisher James Frost said:

Rain is the embodiment of this new movement for queer people, and we’re proud to share them with DIVA and indeed, the world.

The March 2018 issue of DIVA is available to download from 10.30am on Tuesday 20 February, and hits newsstands on Friday 23 .

Gay Times March 2018 will be available for pre-order on Tuesday 20 February, and then available across newsstands and digital platforms from Wednesday 28 .



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