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Feb 02 2018
Gay Boxers + Tom Brady Called Creepy + Trump Releases Nunes Memo + Nude Reality + Anti-Gay Former PM At Lesbian Wedding + Timberlake Bunyan + Tennis Hotties + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: All that, and they wrote a book!

Below: Keep reading for gay boxers in love, Tom Brady's scandalous kiss, Trump's war on the FBI (and on America), naked reality stars, resources for LGBTQ students, gay groundhog, Abbott attends gay wedding, the Mooch claims he's a gay activist, Timberlake's newest and hot tennis players ...

21369239_1959280734340464_1643208573867540583_n.jpg.750x400_q85_box-0 27 650 373_crop_detailGypsy queens (Image via Attitude)

ATTITUDE: The forbidden love between a couple of boxers is explored in Gypsy Queen in London.

Anthony Bowens Attitude muscles shirtlessBonus: Here's Attitude's latest cover, featuring the sexy Anthony Bowens (Image via Attitude)

DLISTED: He was accused of sexual harassment in a high-profile publication — but his employer says no dice. Is the threshold going to get higher? 

CBS NEW YORK: I'M FUCKING DONE. People nowadays think EVERYTHING is creepy and pervy and inappropriate, and that everyone over age 18 is predatory.

HUFF POST: Trump claims the FBI and Justice Department favor Dems, in a transparent move to control the reaction when he and/or those around him are indicted. James Comey says history will catch up to “weasels and liars.” 

TALKING POINTS MEMO: Trump has authorized the release of the Nunes memo, which from all sane accounts appears to be a partisan effort to discredit our own country's FBI in order to prop up a crooked president.

WmURy43-780x439These two plus one more show off their stuff! (Image via ITV)

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Three foreign reality-TV stars get nude.

LEARN HOW TO BECOME: Resources for LGBTQ college students. Resources for trans students here. Plus, scholarships for LGBTQ studens here.

FACEBOOK @BOYCULTUREBLOG (LIKE ME!): Staten Island Chuck apparently has a gay cousin:

ABC NEWS: Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott — who is virulently opposed to same-sex marriage — nonetheless attended his sister's wedding and welcomed his sis-in-law into the fam.

YOUTUBE: The new Justin Timberlake song Man of the Woods is here, with a corny video. Yikes. It sounds exactly like “Jive Talkin'”, but just feels like a children's song to me: 


TMZ: Anthony Scaramucci proclaims himself to be a gay activist.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Buncha hot tennis pros — even the ump!

DC ump(Image via Instagram)