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Feb 26 2018
Heather Locklear Arrested + SCOTUS Slams Trump + Gay Discrimination Dealt Legal Blow + Kenworthy vs. Ivanka + Is Ricky Martin Monogamous? + Madonna Gripes About SONGWRITING CAMP + Gold-Medal Booty + MORE! — 12-PACK! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 1.59.58 PM(Image via Instagram)

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Below: Keep reading for: Heather Locklear's arrest, SCOTUS smacks down Trump, Gus Kenworthy ribs Ivanka Trump and the curling butt of death ...

Cf13063c0d119e7f1e23b7d69cbab87aLocklear has been down this road before, though her previous run-in (involving Jack Wagner) led to no charges

DLISTED: Heather Locklear arrested!

NPR: SCOTUS smacks down Trump, refuses to hear DACA case.

NYT: Appeals court rules federal civil rights laws extends to gay people.

BILLBOARD: Gus Kenworthy slammed Ivanka Trump for showing up to the Olympics closing ceremony, asking on social media, “Honestly, tf is she doing here??” He was a bit more playful toward fast friend Adam Rippon: 

NEWNOWNEXT: Ricky Martin wants to shed light on and help normalize open relationships, which I guess will cut down on men feeling they need to lead a double vida loca.

28278965_10156610743167080_5951467718222207190_nTake a memo: Madonna will not not be a visionary any longer! (Image via Instagram)

INSTAGRAM: Madonna takes a swipe at Interscope in public response to manager Guy Oseary reminiscing about their Ray of Light triumph, decrying the songwriting process the company apparently mandates.

MSNBC: Trump brags that he would've run into the latest school shooting — even unarmed. History lesson: He dodged the Vietnam draft like five times.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Kenneth also had a blast at Bananarama's NYC gig.

IMG_0903Toe-curling (Image of newspaper by J.S.)

NYT: Kirstie Alley finds curling boring, which — if you stare at the above pic from the NYT of the medal-winning curlers of Team USA, is just more proof why she never deserved Parker Stevenson in the first place.

VANITY FAIR: Monica Lewinsky wrote a #MeToo essay for Vanity Fair, in which she describes bumping into Ken Starr. Key takeaway from their encounter:

“Though I wish I had made different choices back then,” I stammered, “I wish that you and your office had made different choices, too.” In hindsight, I later realized, I was paving the way for him to apologize. But he didn’t. He merely said, with the same inscrutable smile, “I know. It was unfortunate.”

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HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: An amazing behind-the-scenes look at how that cringe-worthy La La Land/Moonlight mix-up occurred includes this tidbit:

A few weeks before the show, Oscars producers Michael De Luca and Jennifer Todd recruit Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway to present the best picture Oscar.

JENNIFER TODD, Producer, 89th Oscars Being that it was the 50th anniversary of Bonnie and Clyde, we thought, "These two people would be so spec­tacular to get!"

PEGGY SIEGAL, Publicist, hosted events for La La Land and Moonlight Warren and Faye have not had the greatest relationship over the years. This is common knowledge. It's a strained pairing because Faye is impossible.