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Feb 20 2018
Underwear Check + Gun Nut vs. Parkland Survivors + Anti-Gay Russian Ad + Adam Rippon Replies To Sally Field + QUEER EYE + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Gus kenworthy(Image via Gus Kenworthy)

Above: This GIF of Gus Kenworthy is, with good reason, suddenly everywhere.

Below: Keep reading for undies, gun nuts, an anti-gay Russian ad, Queer Eye's take on Bieber and much more ...

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 3.54.24 PM(Image via The Underwear Expert)

UNDERWEAR EXPERT: Cute, shirtless guy asks random runners what kind of underwear they're wearing. And I get criticized for taking photos in public!

HUFF POST: Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Georgia) claimed the Parkland survivors have been co-opted by the left — the kids pushed right back on that.

METRO WEEKLY: Outrageously anti-gay ad used to scare Russians to the polls: 

THE TELEGRAPH: LGBT task force in Depok, a satellite city of the capital of Indonesia, is sounding the alarma bout the country's gay-rights crackdown. Indonesia is the world's biggest Muslim nation.

DLISTED: Adam Rippon has reached out to Sally Field's son!

JOE.MY.GOD.: It's 2018 and Georgia is still working on banning gay adoption.

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 3.41.03 PMDiana was the people's princess — all of the people. (Image via Advocate)

ADVOCATE: Trans teen opens up about how Princess Diana inspired her journey.

GR8ERDAYS: The star of 1987's gay classic Maurice, James Wilby, turns 60 today. Please like my Gr8erDays FB page — once I get enough people there, I'll be adding fun questions related to '80s and earlier entertainment.

PROVIDENCE JOURNAL: Rhode Island gay-club entrepreneur Robert L. Thibeault has died.

Tumblr_nicw9jynmc1rdzuduo1_500Justin time! (GIF via SNL)

OMG BLOG: The (new) Queer Eye fellas talk about Justin Bieber's, er, lesbian style.

LGBTQ NATION: A lesbian has been chosen as a candidate for lieutenant governor in Maryland.

THE HERALD: There is a Miss Gay Nelson Mandela Bay beauty pageant, and this trick just won it:

Getimage-1-6C-C-C-C-Cassandra, C-C-C-C-Cassandra Fox! (Image via The Herald)