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Mar 22 2018
Boy Culture Talks! Tune In Sunday Comments (0)

29511409_10155432777322776_5150839384770012276_n(Image via The Adam Sank Show)

I had so much fun chatting with Adam Sank and Romaine Patterson for this Sunday's The Adam Sank Show!

What did we talk about? Well ...

... my book-length post on LGBTQ instances on TV, of course!

I was uneasy because I still have nightmares about the radio shows I called in to back in the '90s to promote my book Totally Awesome '80s, with hosts who mocked me for being gay — live on the air! — but Adam and Romaine were warm and gracious and funny.

Tune in Sunday, March 25, 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT to hear exactly how things went.