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Mar 14 2018
Courtney Act Responds To RuPaul's Trans Flap In New Chat With Andrew Brady Comments (0)
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Courtney Act and Andrew Brady were reunited for the first time following their UK Celebrity Big Brother experience by Gay Times.

The two dished about lots of things, including their tight friendship (that caused tongues to wag), but also about RuPaul's Drag Race ...

Courtney didn't go easy on RuPaul over his recent comments regarding trans girls on his show — comments for which he has since apologized:

Andrew: Speaking of Drag Race, do you think they’ll ever let a straight man compete?
Courtney: Yeah. Well, ironically … oh, here we go … I think that Drag Race would certainly let a straight guy compete in drag. But there’s a controversy going on at the moment because RuPaul has drawn a line in the sand saying that a trans woman at a certain point of her transition is not welcome to compete in Drag Race.
Andrew: Oh, wow. So what point is that then?
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Courtney: This is the thing: on the last season there was a girl called Peppermint and she identifies as trans and lives as a woman. But being trans means different things to different people. Some people don’t take hormones, some people don’t have surgery, some people are just happy living in the clothes of their chosen gender. So Peppermint at this stage hadn’t had any surgery, but was living as a woman and taking hormones. RuPaul just said recently that because she didn’t have breast implants yet, that somehow that was okay [to compete].
Andrew: A bit controversial that is, right?
Courtney: Yeah, Ru as a cis man having conversations about, and rule over, women’s bodies is alarmingly in line with the current swing of conservative politics. Also the public erasure of trans women from the history of drag and then the irony of Ru, a male, telling women, cis and trans, they can’t do drag because it’s not as big of a fuck you to a male-dominated world. Very controversial…
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