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Mar 04 2018
Facebook's Increasingly Anti-Gay, Outsourced Community Standards Policies Comments (0)

River CWhat is wrong with this picture?!

It's Oscar night, when I would normally be doing a run-down of the show minute by minute on — where else? — Facebook.

And yet I can't do that. Why? Because this post was determiend by someone at Facebook to be against its standards.


It's a simple post, like 1,000 others I've done, like countless millions others have done, of a cute dude (Bryan Hawn) in a swimsuit. That's it. There is no nudity, there is no implied nudity (maybe they have given up on outsourcing their censorship to right-wing goons overseas and are instead relying on software that mistakenly things Bryan is nude here, rather than wearing a somewhat flesh-colored suit?), there is not an obscene bulge or VPI, there is no hint of his butt showing.


The way it works, Facebook decided you've posted something inappropriate and you get a message stating you're banned from posting for two days. In the meantime, you can reply that it's a mistake, but the other time this occurred to me (recently, making me sense a trend), it was my experience that they ignored it totally and/or the clock ran out, meaning the wrongful punishment was doled out anyway.

Oddly, when I try to post on my related accounts (Boy Culture an Gr8erDays have their own Facebook pages), I get a message that I'm banned for not two but three days. In those cases, I'm allowed to file a longer report.

What the fuck is wrong with you, Facebook?! This is absurd, and it is anti-gay because you better believe there are countless more provocative images of women on Facebook than this harmless shot of Bryan Hawn.

Please share and/or post about this in any way you see fit. I'm so fed up with Facebook's conservatism and inept handling of its customers. You can't even reach a human being to complain.



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