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Mar 28 2018
More Gus Kenworthy: Wet And Wild, And Taking On Online Haters Comments (0)

DSC_9752(Images by Taylor Miller for Gay Times)

Yesterday, I posted about Gus Kenworthy's views on open relationships — and it blew up my views.

Today, the rest of the story ...

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Gus was speaking to Gay Times on that hot-butt and hot-button topic. Also in his April 2018 cover story, he speaks about that famous kiss-seen-round-the-world with BF Matthew Wilkas, saying of the backlash:

It sucks. We got a lot of negativity going into the games just because of being open about who we are. Then I shared a kiss with my boyfriend. I didn’t know it was being filmed but some people were like, “Why are you shoving it in our faces?’” We’re not doing that at all, we’re just existing.

If a hockey player kissed his wife after a game there’d be no comments about it or it’d be, “Such a cute moment.” But because we’re two guys, while a lot of people were saying, “That was a cute moment,”or “That was an important moment.” There were others going, “We don’t need to see that.”

As for anonymous hate he receives online — to which I can relate, on a microcosmic level — he admits:

It takes my entire mental strength not to respond to all the comments. So many times there are things on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter going, “Why were you even at the Olympics? You got last fucking place. You’re a joke, you’re a faggot.” But I got into the finals, so that’s not coming last because you have to beat a lot of people to get there, and it’s the Olympics, the fucking pinnacle of sport that’s hard to make it into. They’re like, “I could have done better than that,” and my thoughts are, “Cool, fucking do it,then.”

Here are some of the rest of Gus's revealing poses:



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