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Mar 31 2018
Your Nightly Briefing: L'Homme Invisible's Dark Depths Comments (0)

180327 Dark depths 732(Images via L'Homme Invisible)

French undies brand L'Homme Invisible unleashes its Dark Depths line ...

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You're Welcome: Tyson Dayley Comments (0)

Because Tyson is an Easter egg of a human being.

Get a peek at his pink after the jump ...

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Chris Hemsworth Beckons You To His Bushland + Gaga John + HAPPY TRANS DAY OF VISIBILITY + Kacey's Anti-Gay Days + Nugent Calls Parkland Kids SOULLESS + It's Your Doris Day! + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: This is the hottie who'll play Shatterstar in Deadpool 2. Ticket bought. Mentally.

Below: Keep reading for Chris Hemsworth's thick bushland and much, much more ...

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You're Welcome: Taner Sigirtmac Comments (0)

TANERIllustrated-6(All images by Baldovino Barani)

Baldovino Barani returns to Taner Sigirtmac for the new FACTORY Fanzine ...

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Mar 30 2018
Neil Patrick Harris On LOVE, SIMON: It's More 16 CANDLES Than BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 9.20.52 PMHe's celebrating his 14th — aka his 70th in gay years. (Video still via The View)

Neil Patrick Harris chatted with The View about parenting and the importance of Love, Simon ...

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Pornspirational Quote Of The Day: NEVER GIVE UP Comments (0)

But also, don't follow his feed while at work.

Pietro's Package + Pulse Case Closed + Abs To Make You Pass Out + JJ Totah + Terrible Drag Song + Trump's Wall Shell Game + Stephon Clark's Autopsy + ROSEANNE Renewed + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: If you like that pic of Pietro Boselli, you will love the one below.

Below: Keep reading for a mouth-watering pic of Pietro Boselli in his wet undies, the shocking outcome of the Pulse trial, some crazy abs, JJ Totah on Champions, Stacey Dash: quitter, the worst RuPaul's Drag Race song ever, Milo's troubles, Trump's bogus wall, Jim Carrey's latest Trump portrait, Stephon Clark's autopsy results, a departing out politician and even more Roseanne sturm und drang..

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Adam Rippon Is Given Underwear By Male Fans: THANK YOU, SIR Comments (0)

Adam-RipponRippon is also a big UGG fan, and an admirer of lesbians. (Video still via InStyle)

Adam Rippon spoke with InStyle, joking of his appreciation for Kim Kardashian, his idolizing of Britney Spears and about some of the outrageous things skating groupies toss at him ...

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