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Mar 29 2018
David Hogg Calls On Advertisers To Drop Laura Ingraham, Plus: Her Anti-Gay Past Comments (0)

IngrahamABC2This awful human being has been a talking head for over 20 years. Enough. (Video still via ABC)

Fox News harpy Laura Ingraham — who all but gave a Nazi salute at the RNC in 2016 — has taken it upon herself to try to shame the Parkland survivors as much as possible.

Singling David Hogg out, she has mocked him for not getting into some colleges to which he has applied. Again, he is 17.

Hogg responded by highlighting Ingraham's advertisers: 

The idea is that these companies should have to be called out for who and what they support. If they're down with shaming kids who survived a school shooting, they should continue supporting Ingraham. If not, they should not be able to do so without repercussions.

The Rachel Ray Brand was the first to respond to Hogg's call — they're in the process of extricating themselves from Ingraham's orbit.

Huff Post reports that Nutrish is also getting off the Ingraham bandwagon.

UPDATE: Ingraham, reacting to her show's loss of income, apologized.

Speaking of college, when Ingraham was at Dartmouth (she graduated in '85 and is picking on an '18 high school grad), she was so anti-gay she:

sent an undercover reporter to a meeting of the Gay Students Association and then printed, in the next issue of the Review, a transcript of the meeting with the names of the student officers.

A dozen years later, her brother lost his partner to AIDS, and Ingraham suddenly decided gays were okay. Typical conservative — they're against things until they affect them personally and then have a light-bulb moment.