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Mar 06 2018
Loose Ends: Stormy Daniels Suing Trump, Claiming He Never Signed Their Nondisclosure Agreement Comments (0)

Giphy-1Stormy's weathering her 15 minutes just fine! (GIF via GIPHY)

Seems Trump never signed the hastily crafted (and not so hastily paid-out) nondisclosure agreement between himself and the porn star he porked, Stormy Daniels.

You'll recall that Trump and his White House had been denying such an affair ever existed. When it became patently obvious it had happened and a pay-off had occurred, Trump's nutbag lawyer stepped forward to claim he had paid off Stormy out of his own pocket, believing the affair never occurred but also believing that false rumors could sink Trump's chances of being elected. (Turns out he lied, too, because he later complained about not being reimbursed.)

Via NBC:

The "hush agreement," as it's called in the suit, refers to Trump throughout as David Dennison, and Clifford as Peggy Peterson. In the side letter agreement, the true identity of DD is blacked out, but Clifford's attorney, Michael Avenatti, says the individual is Trump.

Each document includes a blank where "DD" is supposed to sign, but neither blank is signed.

According to the lawsuit, which Avenatti announced in a tweet, Clifford and Trump had an intimate relationship that lasted from summer 2006 "well into the year 2007." The relationship allegedly included meetings in Lake Tahoe and at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Now, Stormy will have her day in court, and Evangelicals can look in the mirror and see extremely hypocritical, un-Christian frauds who care more about banning abortion than literally any of their other morals and beliefs.