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Mar 10 2018
Oh, BROTHERS!: A Gay TV Classic Revisited Comments (0)

JohnfureyGuest star John Furey, right (Video stills via Everyday Heterosexiam/Showtime)

Everyday Heterosexism fondly remembers the Showtime series Brothers, a groundbreaking show that featured a gay lead character.

BrothersRobert Walden, the macho football-jock brother (R), with gay brother Cliff, Paul Regina (L)

The gay man was fairly depicted and was even shown having relationships, all 30+ years ago ...

Massive List of Gay Characters, Scenes & Mentions Throughout TV History — HERE!

As the blogger recalls:

When I first moved to West Hollywood in 1985, every Wednesday night my friend Mark, who introduced me to Michael J. Fox,  drove me up to a house in the Hollywood Hills, where there were about twenty gay men, most involved in the film industry, drinking wine, eating fancy hors d'oeuvres, and waiting until 10:00.

To watch tv.

What was all the fuss about?

Brothers (1984-89), a sitcom on the premium cable network Showtime, about three grown-up brothers who run a bar.

Check out his post to relive the series that ran from July 13, 1984-May 5, 1989.