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Mar 04 2018
Kenworthy's Romantic Ad + Chalamet & BPM Win Big + Randy Rainbow Rules + Speedo Freak + Hugh Jackman's Heinie + Another 9 TO 5? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Sexy snap at the très gay Belmont Rocks in Chicago, circa '70s. Owen Keehnen points us to A Place for Us: LGBTQ Lie at the Belmont Rocks.

Below: Keep reading for Gus Kenworthy's boyfriend-friendly ad, Speedo freak, Timothée Chalamet's big win, Randy Rainbow's latest cover, Hugh Jackman's ass, naked came the rapper, BPM scores a César, 9 to 5 2, jumpy dad, the late John Garfield, BenDeLaCreme reveals why #WhiteOutLivesMatter and SNL gets handsy ...

Gus-Kenworthy-Matthew-Wilkas2 gay men in bed, selling phones (Video still via Samsung)

YOUTUBE: Gus Kenworthy is the star of a new Samsung ad in which his boyfriend Matthew Wilkas also appears as one of several people communicating to him while he's on the road. You are loved, Matt tells him. We have come so far in terms of corporations' willingness to use gay imagery in their messaging, and it couldn't happen to two nicer guys:

KENNETH IN THE (212): Hot dude with a tiny Speedo and a great tanline. Plus: A very good angle for this furry, musclebound looker.

NEWNOWNEXT: Timothée Chalamet won Best Male Lead for his career-making performance in Call Me by Your Name. Wearing a gas-station-attendant-chic look, he said:

I hope it doesn’t sound cheesy when I say it, but, like, you know, I just have a lot of faith. I have a lot of faith in this industry. I have a lot of faith for our country ... We got a whole new wave. We’re gonna be good. We’re gonna be fine ... I have faith, like, the people that are being given the keys — I’ve gotten to know a lot of you now — and we’re gonna do it, man, we’re gonna make this change, and it’s a day at a time.

DXc3EuxWAAEFa7z.jpg-largeOutsmarting Trump, a million views at a time! (Image via OutSmart)

OUTSMART: Randy Rainbow covers Houston's LGBTQ mag OutSmart. Inside, he says of his unique approach to comedy:

That’s how I’ve always been. It is a coping mechanism. I deliver a shovel of truth with a spoonful of sugar at the same time. It’s that ‘catch more flies with honey’ thing. The best part is that there are people who do not think like I do about politics — and many other things, too — but they still enjoy the videos. I hear from them all the time. That part is very rewarding for me.

He brings the funny in new and creative ways week after week — a national treasure.

INSTAGRAM: Follow here, but in the meantime — yes, that' Hugh Jackman's rump roast!

Tumblr_mvd2m0QBN31r1jop8o1_500RiFF RAff's Internet exposure is pretty much complete. (GIF via GIPHY)

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Wellsir, colorful white rapper RiFF RAff is quite the top.

Screen-shot-2017-10-05-at-12-57-50-pmNahuel Pérez Biscayart & Arnaud Valois in BPM (Beats Per Minute) (Image via Memento)

FILM EXPERIENCE: BPM (Beats Per Minute), the outstanding French film about ACT UP in France in the '80s.

Giphy-1Give Elizabeth Wilson a posthumous Oscar! (Image via GIPHY)

GR8ERDAYS: 10 links to broken news, including the new 9 to 5 remake, Eva Marie Saint and more icons who will attend the Oscars (yes, Faye and Warren will be back!) and the death of a Fantasticks man.

Dad-Scottish-trampolineJumped by dad (Image via video still)

DLISTED: Fun dad!

GR8ERDAYS: Follows appreciated at Gr8erDays. P.S. John Garfield Is Still Dead:

John-GarfieldThe late, great John Garfield, hounded to death by HUAC. (Images via movie stills)

WORLD OF WONDER: BenDeLaCreme talks turkey on last week's shocker of an elimination!

SNL: On a weak show, SNL managed to snatch some laughs with its parody of Hollywood's harassment problem via the Grabbies, a show to honor the handsiest folks in Tinseltown. And BTW, there's nothing wrong with Pete Davidson in thin sweatpants with no underwear: