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Mar 31 2018
Chris Hemsworth Beckons You To His Bushland + Gaga John + HAPPY TRANS DAY OF VISIBILITY + Kacey's Anti-Gay Days + Nugent Calls Parkland Kids SOULLESS + It's Your Doris Day! + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: This is the hottie who'll play Shatterstar in Deadpool 2. Ticket bought. Mentally.

Below: Keep reading for Chris Hemsworth's thick bushland and much, much more ...

Tumblr_p65w4pzW2E1qd6639o2_400I want to go to there. (GIF via YouTube @Australia)

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Chris Hemsworth did a video to promote Australian tourism in which he casually flashes his amazing calves and mouth-wathering bulge. He also raves about his country's “thick, beautiful bushland.” If they put an Expedia link on YouTube, every hotel on the continent would be booked. FULL VIDEO here.

OMG BLOG: Lady Gaga tackles an Elton John classic.

HUFF POST: If you support Trump — or those who support him — these are among the people you're kicking to the curb: Trans students ignored by Betsy DeVos's Department of Education. They could pee and poo in peace, or it could become a humiliating, nightmarish issue; Trump & Co. chose the latter. Because this administration despises transgender people, as it has shown in many ways.



KENNETH IN THE (212): Stached hunk has grooming tips. Or you can simply ogle him.

798d16f7e729124bb740ad8a18707826ae4f6d551a6e80020978891553634792Musgraves changed thanks to a friend coming out to her. (GIF via GIPHY)

PINK NEWS: Kavey Musgraves has been called a gay icon, yet she recalls being an 18-year-old redneck who bullied gay kids:

“I think back to who I was then: being in a small-town high school and seeing a gay guy get made fun of, I’d like, laugh along and not really think much about it.”

She said that when a loved one revealed their sexuality to her, her way of thinking shifted. 

“A best friend came out to me right after high school,” said Musgraves, “and that’s when I started getting it – my perspective completely changed.

KP-OP-1I ate a nugget — and I liked it! (Video still via DListed)

DLISTED: Katy Perry is nothing if not a good sport, stuffing her un-fat face with chicken nuggets live on Japanese TV. It's a no for me! But good effort.

INDIEWIRE: Is there a double standard in Hollywood that Luke-evans-shirtless-photos-01 allows young women to come out, but discourages young men from doing the same? Via IndieWire:

“A lot of people advise you not to do it. They tell you flat out — ‘Don’t do it,’” said “Westworld” actress Evan Rachel Wood, who came out publicly as bisexual in 2011. “They don’t want you to be less desirable to men. Because that sells tickets and that helps your career.”

“Star Trek” actor John Cho is straight, but played Billy Eichner’s boyfriend in “Difficult People,” as well as the latest iteration of Sulu in “Star Trek,” who is revealed as gay in the third installment. In an interview, Cho told IndieWire that he knows of one actor who “is not particularly in the closet, if you get my drift,” but is not out in the press. “I think he doesn’t want to … talk about that for 80 percent of each interview,” said Cho. “It’s natural, the attention, but I think this person would rather talk about the film. And heterosexual actors are afforded a much greater degree of privacy.”

Cho is well-intentioned but dead-wrong. Ask Jennifer Aniston about the privacy she's afforded. If anything, closeted and glass-closeted gays get total privacy from the mainstream media. Total. It is verboten to so much as ask. Even when Bomer — pre-coming-out — was running around in public with his male partner and their children, it was not reported. Until he came out.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Ted Nugent, who has been invited to the White House for a photo op, called Parkland's teen activists “mushy-brained” “soulless liars.” 

MIAMI HERALD: Laura Ingraham is taking a week off from her show that lost 10+ advertisers when she bashed 17-year-old Parkland survivor and gun-control activist David Hogg. She apologized-ish. Yet, she left up the offending tweet!

OriginalMisterrrr Grant! (GIF via GIPHY)

EXTRATV: Is Grant Gustin secretly married?

Sean_Anderson_insert_courtesy_MPDAnother senseless tragedy (Image via Washington Blade)

WASHINGTON BLADE: Out gay man Sean Anderson, a D.C. resident, was found shot to death a week ago in his apartment:

Veteran D.C. transgender activist Earline Budd said she has known Anderson for many years and that he self-identified as a gay man who sometimes dressed in women’s clothes, possibly to perform in drag.

“We kind of grew up together,” said Budd. “Sean was very beautiful and very talented. He was a wonderful singer,” according to Budd, who said he performed in talent shows.

Police have not disclosed whether they have a suspect or have identified a motive for the murder. They are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for Anderson’s murder.

Giphy-1There's a Flirtini involved in the story of Day's b'day bash! (GIF via GIPHY)

GR8ERDAYS: Doris Day is turning 96 next week, and she's celebrating with a new portrait! Plus: Details on her birthday bash for fans, and one fan's late-in-life appreciation for the woman he saw as hopelessly corny during her '70s last burst of success.

Tumblr_mzti0eUUEv1rxpr6fo1_1280Don't miss Rick's “Jesus Christ, I'm a latter-Day fan!” wrap-up HERE. (Images via video still/Rick Gould)