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Mar 30 2018
Pietro's Package + Pulse Case Closed + Abs To Make You Pass Out + JJ Totah + Terrible Drag Song + Trump's Wall Shell Game + Stephon Clark's Autopsy + ROSEANNE Renewed + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: If you like that pic of Pietro Boselli, you will love the one below.

Below: Keep reading for a mouth-watering pic of Pietro Boselli in his wet undies, the shocking outcome of the Pulse trial, some crazy abs, JJ Totah on Champions, Stacey Dash: quitter, the worst RuPaul's Drag Race song ever, Milo's troubles, Trump's bogus wall, Jim Carrey's latest Trump portrait, Stephon Clark's autopsy results, a departing out politician and even more Roseanne sturm und drang..

Tumblr_p6d82jW7yv1tj8veko3_1280(Image via Flaunt)

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): If you can't see just about everything Pietro Boselli's got in these wet, white Speedo pics, you may need Lasik.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 8.09.26 PMThe DOJ's case collapsed. (Video still via CNN)

TOWLEROAD: I find it very hard to believe Noor Salman knew nothing about her husband Omar Mateen's radicalism and his plan to shoot up Pulse in Orlando. However, now that she's been acquitted, I can't feel outraged. It would appear there wasn't enough evidence, and if a Florida jury thought that, I can't really second-guess. I hope that she really was an innocent bystander, but it makes me so sick to think she knew anything and said nothing.

Related: Pride 2018 in Miami Beach will include a Pulse tribute.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 8.28.02 PMHe gives a smug li'l smile at the end of the short clip! (Video still via Sprinkled Peen)

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): This dude's abs are so amazing they actually steal focus from his naked peen.

NBCMindy & JJ (Image via NBC)

TEEN VOGUE: JJ Totah, 16, chats with Teen Vogue about breaking gay stereotypes as one of the stars of the Mindy Kaling sitcom Champions, saying:

I think in a lot of shows and films that depict gay characters kind of make the show centered around how hard it is for the character to be gay and for them to come out. Our show deals with Michael being gay in like, 45 seconds of the pilot. It's not a big deal, his dad and uncle didn't care. They love and accept him. We think it's actually really different because we've seen a lot of gay characters who are struggling to be accepted but this show is like, "Well, he's already accepted. People already love him. Let's see what happens from here.”

COSMO: Clueless actress (note lack of italics) Stacey Dash has called off her run for the political office already. In a statement exclusively for Cosmopolitan, she says:

My goal was, and remains, to improve the lives of people who have been forgotten for decades by the Democratic Party. At this point, I believe that the overall bitterness surrounding our political process, participating in the rigors of campaigning, and holding elected office would be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of my family.

Yeah, so, why announce in the first — oh. Just wanted the attention. Gotcha.

YOUTUBE: Yuhua Hamasaki releases “The Ankh Song” video:. Sorry, but it's the worst-ever RDR-related song: 

ADVOCATE: Milo Yiannopoulous's life is getting a little more complicated:

Now the college scholarship program he announced he was creating for "white men" is ceasing operations.

Many details of the $100,000 Privilege Grant program remain unknown, such as its donations or recipients. “At present, the Privilege Grant is not accepting new applications or donations,” Yiannopoulos told NBC News via text this week. “What started as a social experiment that also did some good — winding up social justice warriors while also sending poor kids to college — became fodder for disingenuous, mouth-breathing retards in the press to baselessly accuse me of ‘white nationalism.’ As a gay man happily married to an African-American, I got tired of explaining to my husband why people on the TV kept calling me a racist." 

POLITICO: Trump's big, beautiful wall is more of a Fixer Upper reject — 100 miles of replaced wall with some new structure here and there. Will this satisfy Trump's voters? Sure, because he will tell them it does, and they're not big on facts.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Jim Carrey's new Trump art is even more repulsive than anything Marc Kostabi's ever done — except it's all also good!

HUFF POST: Stephon Clark, blown away by cops in his grandmother's backyard, died after being hit eight times. Why do cops shoot to kill in these situations? This was on a call about someone vandalizing cars in the neighborhood.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS: Alabama's first-ever out gay lawmaker has left the building IFuZr_ry_400x400 — and she did it with a standing O.

NYT: Roxane Gay admits Roseanne is funny, but writes persuasively why not to keep watching — and it's already been renewed for Season 2. (Which we can hope will be about how the Conners handle impeachment news.)

P.S. Sara Gilbert — a producer on Roseanne — passionately states that the show is not about politics (and I will continue to remind people that it's not about the content of the show, it's about who it enriches and empowers, and I would argue Sara's voice is bupkus compared to Roseanne's, but we'll see):