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Mar 08 2018
Stars Turning 80 In 2018 Comments (0)

Screen-Shot-2018-03-08-at-5.28.40-PM-768x483Mexican legend Jorge Rivero (Images via movie stills)

Check out the Gr8erDays list of famous folks who will turn 80 this year, have already turned 80 this year or should've turned 80 this year — but died first.

UU1W4xbMary Ann aka Dawn Wells, the youngest of the Gilligan's Island castaways, and one of the last two alive.

If you're 40ish on up, you should recognize the vast majority of them by face, if not by name, with a few exceptions.

Here you go — and please share!

Nintchdbpict000338025073You better damn well know Diana Rigg!



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