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Mar 16 2018
Shears Revelations + Dragging The Swastika + Stormy Threatened Physically? + Tinder Swiping Left On Trans People + Anti-Gay Judge Smacked Down + Another Reason To Love LOVE, SIMON + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: All a matter of perspective.

Below: Keep reading for Shears revelations, the Jewish drag queen who toys around with Hitler motifs, a 62-year-old beauty icon, Tinder's anti-trans reputation, Stormy Daniels's lawyer saying she was threatened/a second Trump lawyer attached to his Stormy pay-off/Stormy's gay bud revealing more about her Trumplationship, judge penalized for anti-gay ways, Will & Grace pulls a boner, playing the gay character you always wished you'd seen in the movies, a dead hottie and a guy on the street who's a treat ...

JakeShears20181-800x445Portrait of the artist as a memoirist (Image via headshot)

GLOSS: Jake Shears talks about getting older, and about that epilogue in his memoir Boys Keep Swinging that he instructed his publisher to tear out of all printed copies.

QUEERTY: Satine Harlow seems like an idiot. She donned a swastika-emblazoned cape and posted a pic of it on social media with the phrase HEIL HITLER, then did a number from The Producers at a gay bar in Philly. It's just drag! Drag's s'posed to be provocative! It's just comedy! That's all B.S. She thinks because she's a gay Jew, she can't offend anyone with this, and apparently is also under the impression that if you create something that is very difficult to perceive as being satirical (it isn't clear it was, she's just saying this now, who knows?), then anyone who reacts to it is the dumb one. No, honey. You're playing with fire, especially now, with the born-again rise of white supremacy and anti-Semitism. You're not a free-speech martyr (she lost her job), you're just an example that gay Jews can be fucking stupid, too.

GR8ERDAYS: Fired for being too old, hired back 20 years later — and considered just right.

Trans-Tinder-lawsuitAriel Hawkins says it's “frustrating that other people have to go through this, too.” (Video still via KPTV)

Q13: Ariel Hawkins, a Beaverton, Oregon, trans woman, is filing suit against Tinder after the dating app deleted her account over a terms of service violation — apparently only because she does not identify with the gender she was assigned at birth. Tinder won't comment, but it's now a class-action suit, suggesting this sort of surprise deletion has happened many other times, and that many of the people deleted are trans. 

Check out this KPTV interview Hawkins did on the subject:


CNN: It's sad when a person who managed to wind up POTUS has a far worse lawyer than one of the porn stars he banged and paid to keep quiet. Now, Stormy's lawyer is alleging she was physically intimidated to STFU: 

HUFF POST: That $130K paid to Stormy Daniels by Trump's lawyer is now also connected to another Trump lawyer, making whether Stormy's telling the truth a double-D-duh.

DAILY BEAST: Keith Munyan — a friend of mine with whom I worked for close to 15 years — gave an interview to Daily Beast in which he confirmed Trump and Stormy Daniels were constantly on the phone, Trump offered her a condo (she declined) and Trump would send cars for her, all pointing to the obvious, that they were banging.

LGBTQ NATION: Oregon Supreme Court suspends judge for three years for refusing to perform same-sex marriages. Maybe Will & Grace can do a funny episode equating the right to be married with the right to refuse to perform marriages, because ...

KENNETH IN THE (212): Totally agree that last night's Will & Grace blew it on the question of baking cakes. We really don't need a trailblazing gay sitcom if it's going to capitulate to the right for the sake of what, lame jokes?

Clark-MooreClark Moore is Love, Simon's lovable Ethan (Image via Ben Rothstein/20th Century Fox)

ADVOCATE: Love, Simon's out gay actor Clark Moore tells The Advocate why the movie helps people understand the importance placed on coming out. He also talks about his racial identity and its significance in the process, saying his character Ethan is “a guy I wanted to be in high school,” saying he imagined Ethan thinking:

No one's going to stand in my way. These kids were making fun of me? They're going to stay here in Atlanta for the rest of their lives, and I'm going to go on and do great things.

Sean GarrisonSean Garrison, who has died at age 80

GR8ERDAYS: RIP Sean Garrison. A full obit that underscores the very handsome '50s and '60s actor's brushes with fame and ultimate relegation to obscurity.

GUYDAR: Most popular post ever: