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Mar 07 2018
Nassar's Male Accuser + Pelosi Meets Ru + Marriage Equality In The Philippines + Bernie Sanders's Daughter Flops + Roseanne Blows Pence + Kellyanne: Lawbreaker + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Was the lighting good for you?

Below: Keep reading for Nassar's male accuser, Pelosi meets Ru, Ru apologizes as Bob the Drag Queen tries to make peace, marriage equality in the Philippines, Oscar screw-up, Sanders's daughter flames out in Vermont, Roseanne sucks up to Pence, Kellyanne breaks the law, Cohn abandons ship, (a few) gays for Trump, cute dude nude and Schitt's Creek renewed ... Moore (Image via video still)

NEWNOWNEXT: Jacob Moore, now 18, has become the first male to accuse disgraced Team USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar of sexual abuse, describing how the doctor used acupuncture needs around his pubic area, allowing a young female athlete to see his privates. This occurred when he was 16. For good measure, Nassar also sexually abused Moore's sister.

VH1: Take a peek at Nancy Pelosi and her periwinkle pumps as they make their RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 3 debut: 

QUEERTY: Bob the Drag Queen addresses the controversy RuPaul ignited in stating that trans women shouldn't be on RuPaul's Drag Race. Ru has since apologized for his remarks.

GAY STAR NEWS: Filipinio high court will hear marriage-equality case.

Giphy-1-1The Academy should formally apologize for some of the omissions. (GIF via MGM)

GR8ERDAYS: Just a few (13) of the people wrongfully ignored by the In Memoriam segment during this year's Oscars telecast.

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Bernie Sanders's stepdaughter loses her bid to become mayor of the Vermont town where Bernie got his start. She lost to the incumbent Democrat.

TWITTER: Right-wing loon Roseanne Barr is gushing about the fact that Mike Pence lied, claiming he and his wife are fans of her show. Can you honestly picture that uptight religious zealot enjoying Roseanne's crude, often extremely liberal, original show? With the sex, the marijuana, the vulgar language, the gay characters? She's such an asshole, I really can't respect the gays who are still supporting her. (P.S. She tweeted that nobody should support LGBT orgs because they're anti-Semitic.)

CNN: Kellyanne Conway broke the damn law and the White House is acting like it's no big thang.

AP: Trump's latest cohort to up and resign: Economic advisor Gary Cohn. Cohn white-knuckled it through Trump's Charlottesville response and cozying up to anti-Semitism, but his line in the sand was tariffs. 

LGBTQ NATION: The Gays for Trump rally in D.C. attracted tens of diehards.

QatHRbrm_o-780x329The dude on the left went full-frontal, so at least we have that. (Image via screengrab)

OMG BLOG (WORK FRIENDLY): I haven't heard of Joachim Foerster either, but he's the one on the left and he's bare naked.

THR: Schitt's Creek was renewed for Season 5. God bless, but I couldn't get past part of Season 2. The tone is just too relentlessly snarky. Even for me! I do like Lovey Howell on it, though.

Giphy-2(GIF via Pop)