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Mar 09 2018
A Couple Of Show-Offs + Serial-Killer Blunder + Madonna Merch + Rosie O'Donnell's USMC Son + WONDER WOMAN Snatches Wiig + Kenworthy's New Gig + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Near-drownings were up 300% this season for reasons researchers are unable to provide

Below: Keep reading for an Insta-couple, revisiting 9/11, a heartbreaking development in the Toronto gay serial killer case, Tennessee GOP signs off on marrying 10-year-olds (really), new old Madonna releases, why Trump will fail with North Korea, Rosie O art, snatching Wiig for Wonder Woman, Cole Escola's latest laugh, Gus Kenworthy tapped by Miami and a gay-themed book series ...

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 11.56.40 AMInsta-famous couple strikes gold with their exhibitionism. (Video still via Vice)

VICE: Gay husbands Rick Twombley and Griff King have gone from one viral video (lip-synching shirtless to a Disney tune) to a massive (180K+) Instagram following to an OnlyFans account. Full minidoc:

The OnlyFans account is unique in that they're not doing hardcore porn, but are offering artsy nudity, workout videos and lifestyle content. It's a living!

KENNETH IN THE (212): Kenneth finally visits the September 11 Museum in NYC.

Bruce-McArthurThe accused killer — the rainbow is ironic. (Image via Facebook)

THE STAR: Accused serial killer Bruce McArthur was once reported to police for allegedly attempting to strangle a man — but cops investigating the cases of men gone missing in Toronto were unaware of that incident until his eventual arrest. In the interim, at least two more men were murdered.

THINK PROGRESS: Right-wingers in Tennessee have succeeded in convincing elected Republicans to kill a bill that would have outlawed child marriage in the state. The reasoning? Doing so would interfere with their efforts (which will fail) to overturn Obergefell v. Hodges, the 2015 SCOTUS decision that ushered in same-sex marriage. So, the kids are thrown under the bus because it's more dire that consenting adults are marrying:

A recent investigation found that Tennessee had the youngest married children in the country, including three 10-year-old girls who had been married to men aged 24-31 and an 11-year-old boy who had been married to a 27-year-old woman. Although the required age to marry in Tennessee is purportedly 18, state law is riddled with loopholes that essentially allow minors of any age to marry.

My question is: Why aren't they naming the people who married kids, and why aren't they naming the officials who signed off on at least those four egregious examples?

Rayoflight_blueBlue must love me. (Image via Warner Bros.)

SUPER DELUXE EDITION: A blue-vinyl edition of Madonna's Ray of Light and a clear-vinyl edition of her Like a Virgin are available at Amazon after bowing in England. (I haven't found the direct link to Amazon.)

SALON: Kim Jong Un will play Trump like a harp — and the world and the U.S. will suffer for it — all the while legitimizing himself. So easy to see this. How can the people supporting Trump not set aside their biases and realize this is what's happening?

IMG_1569Phyllis Diller never dreamed she'd be on top of Rosie O'Donnell (Image by Matthew Rettenmund, art by Diller & O'Donnell)

ETSY: I paired my limited-edition Rosie O'Donnell Trump piece with a small painting I bought from Phyllis Diller about six months before Diller died. The Diller painting was not supposed to be a self-portrait, but damned if it doesn't read as one. Her home was filled with paintings — with price tags on them! — and she would welcome fans in to sit with her for a chat and to buy her work. She was very atheistic in spite of having been a Reagan booster. Click here for my Diller experience. 

P.S. Rosie's son is now a U.S. Marine. How's that happen?!

THR: Director Patty Jenkins confirms it — Kristen Wiig will play archvillain Cheetah in the Wonder Woman sequel.

LGBTQ NATION: The New York Times did a great thing in providing obits for famous women the venerable paper had overlooked in the past out of sheer misogyny. But nobody will ever be satisfied — already there are complaints that the one for Marsha P. Johnson was “problematic.” 

COLE ESCOLA: Cole Escola is incredibly funny, and he's back — with Lorraine Was on the News, his latest riotous satirical video.

TOWLEROAD: Gus Kenworthy is the Grand Marshal of this year's Miami Beach Pride Parade. Somebody wanted a trip to Miami! (Including me.)

BOYSTOWN: Jake Biondi's Boystown series is here — a book series centered in Chicago's gay nabe that focuses on the soap operatic tale of three brothers, their lovers and their tangled lives. Five stars on Amazon, too.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 11.41.33 AMBoystown, where the female population is, understandably, 1. (Image via Boystown)