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Mar 13 2018
Taylor Swift's Video Power-Bottom Co-Star + NYC Murder Gossip + ICE Official Resigns + Spice Rumors + Trump's Assistant Canned + RuPaul Hearts Judge Judy + Happy B'day, Charo + Bernhard vs. Griffin + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: I have a weakness for dumbbells.

Below: Keep reading for Taylor Swift's gay-porn extra, the steroid queens who murdered a dude in NYC, ICE official resigns over lies, hot dude in the wild, Spice Girls rumors, RuPaul's Judge Judy tears, Trump's assistant gets fired/rehired, OnlyFans offer, seeing a grown man nekkid, Sandra Bernhard trashes Kathy Griffin, that House investigation on Russia debunked and Megyn Kelly thinks Trump's being blackmailed ...

Kevin-falk-05_qe2Falk, yeah! (Image via

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Taylor Swift's new music-video co-star is porn actor Kevin Falk. See everything he's got.

Screen-Shot-2016-11-17-at-4.09.44-PM-1Dilione & Rackover (Image via social media)

NYP: I'm somewhat fascinated by the murder of Joey Comunale in NYC because it is so inexplicable, and has a queer angle never fully enunciated that swirls around it. The reason I say that is that one of the three men charged with Comunale's brutal murder, James Rackover, is a hot guy who was adopted (!) by a (male) celeb jeweler, Jeffrey Rackover, and put up in a posh apartment. He then was hanging around with other hot guys, who picked up hot guy Comunale to party (with chicks) back at the pad. The women left and the men allegedly argued over cigarettes and drugs. This whole thing is bizarre, and has always felt — incomplete.

Now, accused killer Lawrence Dilione has said it was Rackover who did the murdering part. Dilione admits he beat Comunale and body-slammed him because Comunale complained that Dilione had not brought any drugs or cigarettes to their gathering, and was only partaking. Once Comunale was down for the count, these fools apparently decided murdering him and disposing of his body was the best idea, so Rackover strangled Comunale with Dilione's jeans and then stabbed him in the head.

Cocaine, booze and regular use of steroids — bad mix.

WAPO: Top ICE official resigns, citing lies from Sessions and his ilk.

INSTAGRAM: Hello, big boy. (Follow here.)

EXTRATV: Mel B confirms Spice Girls reunion tour, teases royal wedding perf.

NEWNOWNEXT: RuPaul gets all choked up over praise from ... Judge Judy?!

WSJ: Trump's personal assistant, John McEntee, got fired — and was escorted out of the White House so quickly he was not allowed to grab his jacket — over some mysterious flaw in his background. That was Monday. Tuesday, he has been announced as a new hire on the Trump 2020 Campaign. The crookedness of this Administration is beyond staggering. Same goes for its enablers and supporters.

ONLYFANS: OnlyFans is like Instagram, except you get paid. Sign up here and make some moolah. (It doesn't have to be dirty. But it can be!)

Charo-makes-a-malapropismCharo is so young she would've needed a guardian on The Love Boat. (GIF via GIPHY)

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OMG BLOG: Kathy Griffin dings Caitlyn Jenner, who's suddenly down on Trump. Meanwhile, Sandra Bernhard — who is working for Trump-loving Roseanne Barr — has worse things to say about Kathy than about Roseanne. It boils down to activism. Remember that Sandra Bernhard doesn't even want to be called a lesbian. Bernhard grumps of Griffin:

She’s an activist? I don’t know. I don’t think she’s an activist, frankly. I mean, that’s – she certainly takes advantage of the gay population in her way, but I don’t think she’s done anything earth-shattering for … I mean, I don’t agree.

CNN: Rep. Tom Rooney (R-Florida) says the House ending its investigation into Trump/Russian collusion says “we've lost all credibility.” Trump, of course, is touting this cessation as some kind of exhoneration.

INDEPENDENT: Megyn Kelly thinks Putin dislikes Trump, has something on him.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 1.00.19 PMKelly is opening saying she thinks Putin has evidence of Trump's financial malfeasance. (Video still via MSNBC)