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Mar 08 2018
Mazdzer's Hotness + Iris Gold Record + Happy B'day, Stud + Gay Kid On TV, Gay Character In The Movies + SHAMELESS Actor Shucked + NFL Team's Anti-Gay Quizzing + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Robert Reyes has got those legs for days, weeks and even months.

Below: Keep reading for a red-hot Olympian, an Iris Gold rush, an '80s hottie, a gay teen on TV and a gay teen character in the movies, Trump's beef with pork on the hoof Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Shameless D-pics, a football jock quizzed about his sexual orientation, blindingly hot models, Ben Carson's anti-gay stupidity and celebrating International Women's Day ...

MAZDZERThat water spout is my flooded basement. (Image via Instagram @mazdzer)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Kenneth has an Olympic boner for Chris Mazdzer. See why.

Screen-Shot-2018-02-26-at-11.57.47-AMGoing for the (Iris) Gold! (Image via Iris Gold)

AXXIDENTAL ZINE: Check out Iris Gold's “The Fruits” music video.

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INSTAGRAM: Happy 56th to '80s hottie Robert Brian Wilson of 1984's Silent Night, Deadly Night.

RANDY REPORT: Mindy Kaling's new show Champions, debuting tonight, features J.J. Totah, an openly gay 16-year-old playing an openly gay 15-year-old. For good measure, the show's also got lesbian goddess Fortune Feimster. Here is J.J. on Late Night with Seth Meyers

He refers to Mindy Kaling as a “comedy legend.” He was born in the 2000s.

LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS: Speaking of gay teens, Nick Robinson — star of Love, Simon — talks about playing a gay kid coming out in the coming-of-age high school flick: 

CNN: Trump is ever-so-pissed at Sarah Huckabee Sanders, his stalwart press sec. Why? Because she noted that porn star Stormy Daniels' bid to sue over Trump not signing their sexual nondisclosure agreement had been decided in the President's favor. That reply, for the first time, represented the White House admitting there was an agreement, which of course admits that the alleged POTUS did, in fact, have sex with that woman, Miss Daniels. Trump fucked, now Sanders fucked up.

Jeremy-allen-white-desnudoPretty fly for a Jeremy Allen White guy (Image via Showtime)

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Wow, Jeremy Allen White of Shameless is packin'!

DerriusGuice-660x330“How much is your mom?” is not a question one expects. (Image via screengrab)

JOE.MY.GOD.: LSU running back Derrius Guice said that while being recruited, one NFL team asked about his sexual orientation. Another wanted to know if his mother was a sex worker! HRC reacts.

Dani-ospina-by-jose-martinez-for-fashionably-male15Dani by Jose Martinez for Fashionably Male

FASHIONABLY MALE: Insta-stud Dani Ospina is shot for Fashionably Male by Jose Martinez.

ADVOCATE: Ben Carson, the numb-skull in charge of HUD, has stripped the agency's mission of its pledge to be inclusive and free from discrimination. Just imagine how baldly anti-gay, anti-black, anti-everything that is, to remove inclusivity from a mission statement. People for the American Way's Diallo Brooks responds:

“The news about Ben Carson’s plan to strip from its mission statement HUD’s objective to help build communities that are 'inclusive’ and ‘free from discrimination’ contradicts our nation’s purpose in creating the department and passing fair housing laws. The 1968 Fair Housing Act specifically charged the HUD secretary with administering the law, created a new assistant secretary position devoted to fair housing, and directed HUD to administer all its programs in a manner 'affirmatively to further' fair housing and non-discrimination. This proposed change flies in the face of these mandates.

“This revelation also provides yet more evidence that Trump administration HUD officials are hiding discriminatory policy changes from the public. Earlier this week, PFAW filed suit against HUD concerning its removal of important programs helping LGBTQ homeless people from HUD’s website after months of waiting for an answer to our FOIA requests for documents without receiving any agency decision explaining who ordered the removal, why, and what else was covered.

“Today, the agency again releases no information about an important planned change, and only a leak from an unknown source provides the American people with any information about who is ordering this change and why.

“We call on HUD to immediately release the complete leaked memo, to cancel plans to make this damaging change to its mission statement, and to release the information we have now had to ask for in court concerning efforts to write LGBTQ people out of federal agency programs and activities.”

NYT: In honor of International Women's Day, The New York Times has published obituaries of 15 incredible women whose obituaries were not written when they died, acknowledging that the paper has mostly focused on white dudes since 1851. The obits are wonderfully informative. One of them is the legendary Marsha P. Johnson.

00overlooked-images-slide-OM05-master675The late, great Marsha P. Johnson (Polaroid by Randy Wicker)

HOMOTROPHY: Four unbelievably hot guys gang-bang the camera.

Dt-boy-jerrad-matthew-2Where the boys are (Image by Jerrad Matthew)