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Apr 24 2018
QUEER EYE Guy Antoni Porowski Gets Shirtless, Talks Sexual Fluidity For GAY TIMES — Video! Comments (0)

DSC_8533 copy(All images via Gay Times)

I've already posted his booty-flaunting Gay Times cover, now here's a sample of the other pics from Antoni Porowski's shoot, and quotes from the Queer Eye guy's interview for the May issue ...

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Porowski sees the new Queer Eye as more than entertainment — he sees it as an antidote to vitriol (not sure I agree):

Everyone's been bashing each other on social media, taking left or right, going on Twitter or CNN or fake news and going through this whole thing right now where we are not being nice to each other. The timing is really perfect. I didn't realise that until it came out. We really needed this.

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On not being on board with the show's title at first:

When I first started telling people about the show, I would embarrassingly catch myself whispering ‘Queer’ as though… I don't know if I was embarrassed or I had some kind of shame, but it still felt taboo from childhood. It's kind of nice because now I say it really confidently. The more you immerse yourself in something, the less precious it gets.

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He also touches on his sexual fluidity:

I've always considered myself a little more fluid along the spectrum. So even being called bisexual... I remember in my early twenties I was like, 'But bisexual means I can only like girls and guys, what if I like something else?'. Maybe it's just my rebellious nature. I'm me, I'm Antoni, and I'm all these things. Some people want to define themselves, and they should as it's part of their identity. For me personally, I've never really had a label for myself. Today I'm gay, I'm in a gay relationship, and that's where I am. That's good enough for me.

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