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Apr 16 2018
QUEER EYE Stripper + Tom Daley Mishap + Cape Town Style + BLACK PANTHER Porn Flap + Kellyanne Conway Slips Up + Criss's Abs + Conchita Wurst Blackmailed? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: If your first thought is that he's mismatching denims, you may be too gay.

Below: Hot Queer Eye guy in his undies, Tom Daley's mishap, South African queer style, Black Panther porn flap, Conchita Wurst forced to come out as HIV positive, and more ...

Antoni Porowski underwear HanesWait'll I get my Hanes on him! (Image via Hanes)

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Antoni Porowski of Queer Eye gives bedroom eyes and thighs in new Hanes campaign.

Tom DaleyLooks painful — but it wasn't, don't worry. (Image via Tom Daley)

TOWLEROAD: Tom Daley just won gold, but he took to YouTube to show off the results of a mishap he suffered immediately prior to his win.

NYT: In Cape Town, “the queer capital of South Africa,” young gay men are defining themselves via their fashion choices.

GAY TIMES: This Black Panther actor has issued a ridiculously over-the-top apology for having shot a gay porn video in his 20s.

ABC NEWS: Kellyanne Conway, perhaps accidentally, has conceded that James Comey swung the election to Trump when he made public that erroneous information about Hillary Clinton's emails being investigated:

VJ BRENDAN: Darren Criss went open-shirted at Coachella.

DLISTED: Adele danced her arse off to Beychella.

Conchita WUrstWurst is the best. (Image via video still)

JOE.MY.GOD.: Eurovision sensation Conchita Wurst has declared she is HIV positive — rather than face having an ex reveal the information. What a charming person to threaten to reveal someone's HIV status.

REUTERS: Success! China's Sina Weibo won't expunge its platform of gay references after all, following an outcry and huge social-media campaign led by the hashtag #Iamgaynotapervert.

GAILY GRIND: Illinois Senate advances bill to require that schools teach LGBTQ history!

Screen-Shot-2018-04-12-at-10.51.17-AM“Dad, I'll always stay your little girl.” (Image via Ryan Cassata)

AXXIDENTAL ZINE: Ryan Cassata's Daughter song and video tackles transitioning in a very straightforward way. Extremely catchy: 

UPLIFTING GIF OF THE DAY: I mean, it's a nice ending to this post:

604a2bbc323291b9b42dc3c799424338(GIF via GIPHY)