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Apr 08 2018
Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes To 4 Offended Gays Comments (0)

DaRyxxOU0AAi-a2(Image via Twitter)

Jimmy Kimmel has apologized for jokes that some (who?) in the gay community (again, which ones?) found offensive because they felt the punchline was anti-gay and anti-bottom.

So, is telling someone they're an ass-kisser anti-rimming next?

Guys — and gays — focus. What Kimmel and Chelsea Handler and alllll your gay friends mean when they joke about Trump & Putin or Trump & Graham or Pence and, well, just Pence is not that it's a joke to be gay, but that they're hypocritical bigots who are what they despise. And there's nothing wrong with joking that someone is sexually into someone else as a way of mocking their loyalty.

This is exhausting.