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Apr 04 2018
Diva Debuts: Kylie, Kim & Lisa Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 9.38.27 PMKylie, Kim & Lisa (Images via video still)

A trio of first singles, from new albums by Kylie Minogue, Kim Wilde and Lisa Stansfield ...

Not feeling Kylie's pseudo-country ditty:

I mostly really like Kim Wilde's stupidly titled Here Come the Aliens, and “Pop Don't Stop” is one big reason why. The album version starts out with a Video Killed the Radio Star sample, but the single seems not to — love the echo of “Cambodia”: 

Finally, Lisa Stansfield was an artist I loved during her Blue Zone phase and then I lost interest after her first couple of jazzier singles. I'm not won over by her new one, which stresses me out (the too-many-words-for-the-time gimmick). She looks and sounds like a billion, though: