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Apr 10 2018
Miami Beach Gay Pride Bashers Turn Themselves In Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 9.33.18 PM(Image via video still)

Juan C. Lopez, 21; Luis M. Alonso, 20; Adonis Diaz, 21; and Pablo Reinaldo Romo, 21, have turned themselves in to the Miami Beach Police Department after images were circulated of them leaving the area where they had beaten two gay men ...

Rene Chalarca, 32, and Dmitry Logunov, 32, were attacked while holding hands after the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade — and a witness who attempted to help them has told police the attack was entirely unprovoked and preceded by an anti-gay slur from the group of four.

Even worse is reported reprehensible behavior by the cops and responding EMTs!

Via South Florida Gay News:

At one point a female officer told Logunov to “stop the drama, shut the fuck up.” Another officer repeated that to him a few minutes later. One of the officers also told him to “put ice on your face at home and you’ll be alright.”

“This is a terrible crime, as such, we are dedicating our full efforts to capturing the attackers. The Miami Beach Police Department prides itself on its inclusion of everyone,” a spokesperson for the Miami Beach Police Department said. “If anyone feels mistreated by any of our officers, they are encouraged to contact MBPD’s Internal Affairs unit so that any complaint can be addressed immediately.”

Miami Beach City Commissioner Michael Gongora also weighed in saying “I am disturbed by this and have sent to the Police Chief for investigation. Being Miami Beach’s first and only openly gay commissioner it’s important to me that our community be safe and treated well - especially during Gay Pride.”

Later after an ambulance arrived the paramedics treated the couple at the scene and also told them they’d be OK and to just go home, put ice on their faces, or they could pay $800 and go to the hospital.

The paramedics, though, were wrong.

Later the couple decided to go to the hospital on their own, where it was discovered Chalarca had a broken tear duct and was told to try not to cry or get emotional. He may need surgery.

I can't imagine the police treating me that way when I have been beaten through no fault of my own. Both officers should lose their jobs over that alone. Plus, they let the assailants go without pursuing them. Unreal.