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Apr 15 2018
Tom Daley Speaks Up For Decriminalizing Gay In Commonwealth Nations Comments (0)

Tom Daley(Video still via YouTube @sportsbeatvideo)

We had fun ogling Tom Daley yesterday, as always, but it's important to highlight the more substantial contribution he continues to make to the LGBTQ community, as he did with this interview regarding the horrifying reality that homosexuality is illegal in 37 of the Commonwealth Games countries.

He does so articulately and passionately, working his impending fatherhood into the mix ...

Tom says:

The fact that in 37 of the Commonwealth nations that are competing it's still criminalized to be LGBT is absolutely — it's crazy ... For lots of athletes and for lots of people in those countries, it's one of the most terrifying things just to live their life each day ... We need change.

His fatherhood — the 23-year-old and his husband Dustin Lance Black are expecting — is weighing on his mind:

The fact that now we're gonna have a little one arriving into our family, it's gonna change my perspective even more and make me feel even stronger about having, making sure that every child that is born into this world has equal opportunities, equal rights ...

Watch the whole video for his full remarks: