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Apr 24 2018
Crazy-Hot Asian + Tommy Haas Booty Massage + Aretha's JO Worry + Gay-Porn Actor Gets 5 Years For Pot + VENOM Trailer + Trump's VA Pick Has Drinking Past + Kanye Doubles Down On Trump + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: You gotta love vintage gay ads.

Below: Keep reading for a hot new movie stud, Tommy Haas getting a butt massage, Aretha Franklin's masturbation concerns, gay-porn actor doing hard time for pot (but Cynthia Nixon wants to legalize it), Ronny Jackson has drunk issues, Kanye West is madly in love with Trump, and more ...

HENRY GOLDINGOh, Henry! (Image via selfie)

THE ELLEN SHOW: Meet Henry Golding, the Jamie Dornan of the forthcoming comedy Crazy Rich Asians (which should really be entitled Crazy-Rich Asians). Trailer here.

TOMMY HAAS ASSDo these hands make my ass look phat? (Image via Instagram @tommyhaasofficial)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Tennis hotness, including Tommy Haas flaunting his retired glutes.

GR8ERDAYS: Annie Lennox admits Aretha Franklin worried their anthemic “Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves” might be misconstrued as a jack-off anthem. (Misconstrued?!)

NEWNOWNEXT: Gay-porn actor Chris Bines has been sentenced to nearly five years in prison for conspiracy to distribute more than 220 lbs. of pot. Who F cares? This needs to be legalized. Cynthia Nixon thinks so, too:

SONY: Oh, finally, just what we lack — another superhero movie. This time, it's Venom, starring Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams (who almost sounds like she's still doing her I Feel Pretty character):

REUTERS: Facebook has released its convoluted rules of what is permissible on the social network, outlining its approach to everything from admitting to using recreational drugs to swearing at kids. It sounds more random than it actually feels, in practice.

HUFF POST: Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, the tool who claims Trump is Dr-Jackson-on-Trumps-Health-e1516139201750-400x225perfectly healthy and 6'3" one month and then is out of nowhere nominated by Trump to run the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, has serious conduct issues in his past, including creating a hostile work environment, improperly giving out meds and — surprise! — drinking. He will never, ever be confirmed.

BILLBOARD: Kanye West tells radio DJ, “I do love Donald Trump.” He's such a fan he signs his merch with Trump's name. He also told his millions of Twitter followers he loves black alt-right activist Candace Owens (she scoffs at Black Lives Matter), and has retweeted pro-Trumper Scott Adams of Dilbert infamy. Kanye's late mother would be ashamed.

Kanye West Donald TrumpHouse rapper (Image via Snapchat @whitetrashtyler)

SALON: How a win today in Arizona for the GOP could still be a big loss. Choice note from this Salon piece:

Following an embarrassing revelation that former Rep. Trent Franks had offered his female staffers money to impregnate them, the arch-conservative Arizona congressman was forced to resign late last year, quietly shuffled out of Congress in the middle of the #MeToo’s movements busiest weeks. He left voters an approved replacement in Steve Montenegro, a right-wing extremist and former leader in the Arizona Senate who was also backed by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

Days later, the Arizona Republic published an exposé revealing that Montenegro, a married father and ordained minister, had exchanged nude photos and flirtatious texts with an aide while he was in the state legislature. Luckily for Arizona Republicans, those revelations came out before the GOP primary, not after, as was the case in Alabama’s special election last year.

Instead of nominating yet another candidate mired in a sex scandal, Republicans chose a candidate who simply faces allegations that she violated campaign finance law.

Deformed-face-rescue-dog-labrador-beaux-tox-jamie-hulit-5ad9a65c3bd53__700Who wouldn't love this baby? (Image via Bored Panda)

OMG BLOG: This squish-faced pooch is enjoying a better life than most animals and many people. Uplifting story and pics.

Barbra StreisandThey ways she was (Images by Bob Deutsch)

GR8ERDAYS: Barbra Streisand turns 76 today! Celebrate with longtime fan and photographer Bob Deutsch's 5 fave snaps of the legend.

QUEERTY: Robbie Tucker, the son of that awful woman who was arrested for assaulting two female soldiers over some sort of parking kerfuffle, has had to close down his used-car business in the wake of all the attention their little outburst caused.