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Apr 20 2018
Field Study + Drag Queen's Near-Death Experience + Meet Blake Mitchell + HAMILTON Star Details Death Threats + Joanne The Scammer, Naked + Bette Midler Returns To HELLO, DOLLY! + More! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Looks like diet guru and model David Laid has got it allll figured out.

Below: Keep reading for a STUNNING naked model, Joanne the Scammer without any clothes (no, you DO want to), the lesbian parents denied health care for their baby, Donald Trump's lame fake phone call, and more ...

Agustin Bruno by Charly V-1. Real for Desnudo Homme Magazine(Image by Charly V. Real for Desnudo Homme)

PORTIS WASP: Agustin Bruno gets naked in a field — and shows off his luscious rump — for Charly V. Real.

WORLD OF WONDER: RuPaul's Drag Race veteran Robbie Turner was in a drunk-driving accident that killed her Uber driver and left her unconscious. Her tweets about it make you think twice about the ephemeral nature of life. UPDATE: Looking like she made this up!

Grab(Image via Grab)

KENNETH IN THE (212): A buncha gay mags, including the one where you get to learn more about porn star Blake Mitchell. 

BROADWAY WORLD: Javier Muñoz issues public apology for Twitter meltdown, reveals long history of being abused over that Mike Pence Hamilton visit and his other outspoken views. Anonymous stalkers are pathetic losers.

ABC NEWS: Over 60% of America supports a ban on assault weapons. Happy Columbine Anniversary, and Happy #NationalSchoolWalkout.

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Who'd have thought that Joanne the Scammer, the messy drama queen, was actually a built, hung dude underneath that?!

AP NEWS: Bette Midler, David Hyde Pierce and Gavin Creel are returning to Hello, Dolly! for a six-week, show-ending run this summer.

Giphy-3You really could tell by the way he walked. (GIF via Paramount)

GR8ER DAYS: Ten unforgettable walks that did all the talking.

RAW STORY: A lesbian couple whose six-day-old baby was denied treatment by a doctor who prayed on it. It's perfectly legal to do that in Michigan and many other states, so the parents have now become a part of the Beyond I Do campaign, seeking to raise awareness of this horrendous loophole:


PINK NEWS: South African court hears argument that defendants who allegedly raping, torturing, and murdering lesbian couple Joey van Niekerk and Anisha van Niekerk should not be released on bail.

APR19Alex_Web3(Image by JrChristiansen)

DNA MAGAZINE: Alex Hessam strips to the waist for JrChristiansen Studio.

TOWLEROAD: Trump — posing as someone else — speaks on tape to a writer, lying about his own wealth to get him onto the Forbes 400 list. This sociopath is POTUS. Unreal. If this had been done by a Democrat, no matter now long ago, they'd be lynched: