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Apr 09 2018
It Hurts When I Go Like This + Blue Wave Builds + Package Wars: Trump vs. Trump + RIP Chuck McCann + Dad's BOY TOY Text Goes Viral + PRIDE Toronto Dumps Cops + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Future star of Boy Culture: The Series, current star of Matt and Dan, and Gus Kenworthy's BF Matt Wilkas seems to be having a blast in Miami at Pride. More below.

Below: Keep reading for more o' Matt, a building blue wave, a Chuck McCann obit, guys in the wild, a dad proud of his gay son's boy toy, a guy who can make a caftan look hot, Keegan Whicker's stache goals, how low Fox News has sunk, Toronto PRIDE's bold move, a gay man falsely branded a rapist and soap for your schlong ...

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 10.08.51 AMGus Kenworthy (middle), Matt Wilkas (right) & a pal at Gay Pride in Miami (Image via Matthew Wilkas)

YOUTUBE: You're gonna laugh at Matt Wilkas's new Matt & Dan episode, which features a guy telling his doctor exactly where it hurts:

HUFF POST: Frank Luntz, conservative pollster, is sounding the alarm on the midterms. This is the first analysis I've read that suggests the Republicans could feasibly lose both Houses of Congress.

THE CUT: Donald Trump Jr. actually discussed seeing his father's penis, compared sizes coyly.

Chuck McCannLoved McCann in “Double Exposure,” a 1973 episode of Columbo (Image via NBC)

GR8ERDAYS: RIP Chuck McCann, popular children's TV host, Right Guard pitchman, TV and film actor.

INSTAGRAM: Hot dudes in the wild! Follows and likes appreciated.

DZz937rVQAAiuLH(Image via Twitter)

TOWLEROAD: A proud papa asked his gay son to share with him a cute pic of “ur boy toy” — and yes, that shit went viral, hard.

Getaway-stripe-caftan-front_2048x2048Caftan and relaxed (Image via Charlie by MZ)

CHARLIE BY MZ: This model above is way hot, but I'm not sure about the Mrs. Roper-wear.

Keegan WhickerNot all selfies are created equal. (Image via Keegan Whicker)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Popular Insta-stud Keegan Whicker experimenting with facial hair.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Fox News is the least trusted news network — and it's pretty funny to watch one of its anchors quickly trying to get a graphic illustrating that fact taken down.

BACK2STONEWALL: PRIDE Toronto decides LGBTQ cops won't be in the parade, in deference to Black Lives Matter, and in response to the poor police response to all the missing men in Toronto — who wound up being victims of a serial killer.

QUEERTY: Trans man falsely accuses gay male coworker of rape, making his life a living hell.

TWITTER: John Raphael discovered this extremely bad idea:

DaSBMSRVwAE07NiDo drop the soap! (Image by John Raphael)