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Apr 30 2018
Sexy YouTube Selfies + Katy Perry Meets The Pope + Hawaii Bans Conversion Therapy For Minors + Ada Vox Bumped + Pulitizer For Gay Novel + Melissa McCarthy's Porn-Star Advice + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Meat Ernest Dift. Not a typo.

Below: Keep reading for YouTube flasher, Katy Perry meeting the Pope, Trump's Nobel Peace Prize (???), Ada Vox eliminated,  YouTube keeping gay men down, Enquirer goes after Cohen, Nick Adams in his undies, and more ...

Maxresdefault-780x439Who's your Danny? (Image via Danny Duncan)

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): YouTuber Danny Duncan's schlong is racking up views.

DLISTED: Katy Perry met the Pope, which is as weird as the rumor that Donald Trump might win the Nobel Peace Prize.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Shaggy guy in a Speedo.

TOWLEROAD: Hawaii has banned conversion therapy for minors.

ADA VOXAmerica couldn't handle her. (Image via ABC)

HUFF POST: Belter Ada Vox was eliminated from American Idol because America is not ready for a drag-queen idol. (P.S. Lots of seemingly straight, white people left. Not because they're more talented.)

Nakhane1-1525020868-1525020870.pngQueer sensibilities are beyond YouTube. (Video still via Nakhane)

NEWNOWNEXT: Why in the hell did YouTube age-restrict the new Nakhane video? Oh, because gay.

TWITTER: Looks like National Enquirer is going after Michael Cohen — which means he's already flipped against Trump, or Trump expects it. Enquirer is in Trump's back pocket:

NYP: If Ronny Jackson is such a fine man, why isn't he returning as Trump's personal physician? (And will the next one have a less distorted view of weight and height?)

Greer-LessBig win for gay-themed lit (Image via Amazon)

TWITTER: Andrew Sean Greer's novel Less, about an aging gay man's adventures, has been awarded the Pulitzer for literature.

USA TODAY: Pamela Gidley, star of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992), has died at 52.

FACEBOOK: Strapping Nick Adams stripped to his skivvies for a performance in Ohio with the Skivvies:

Nick AdamsUnderwearever you look! (Images by Kurt Fleagel)

INSTINCT: Melissa McCarthy playfully tweaks Arad Winwin over his too-revealing profile pic. Random!

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 11.45.27 AMI hope Arad ignores this advice ... (Image via Glamour)