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Apr 14 2018
Trump Orders Syria Attacks, Crows: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED (What Mission, Exactly?) Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 11.16.34 AM(Image via Twitter)

Trump impotently strikes Syria to wag the dog, distracting from incredible developments in his crumbling presidency, meanwhile doing zero to actually hinder Assad, and allowing the leaders of Russia and Iran to enjoy increased patriotism and support from their people. Also, Putin is now saying the UK directly staged that awful gas attack.

Then there is the chorus of pro-Trump voices slamming the decision as aggressive and unnecessary.

So how does Trump view that? “Mission accomplished.”

Meanwhile, if the U.S. is so fucking concerned about Syrian citizens being gassed, why won't we accept them as refugees? Only 11 so far this year have made the cut.

The Chicago Tribune, which tilts conservative, today wrote that attacking Syria is a serious mistake, and reminded us that on April 5, Trump was bragging that the U.S. was about to 100% disengage from the region!