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May 17 2018
Kiss The Guy: Gay Prom Story Goes Viral Comments (0)

051518promjerseyshore(Images via Theodore Vidal)

A post-prom stroll in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, turned into a sweet, gay-positive moment when a couple of guys who went to the big dance together were treated exactly like their hetero peers at the pier.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 8.13.33 AM

The situation unfolded as an ABC producer noticed the dapper dudes — Theodore Vidal and Colin Beyers — walking on the boardwalk, and feared some guys who had been yelling “KISS HER!” to every couple passing by might not have the best reaction to a gay couple ...

Instead, the guys simply yelled, “KISS HIM!”

Full Twitter Chain from the Reporter HERE

Now, the story has gone viral: 



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