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May 14 2018
Tim Chung Should Be Someone's Baby Daddy + Ex-FDNY Sues Over Anti-Gay Hazing + Palm Springs STI Outbreak + The Harmful Myth Of Patient Zero + Is GIRLS Biphobic? + Nolan Gould Grew Up Hot + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: He moves to Thailand and looks like that; I'd move to Thailand and be in a perpetual pad Thai coma.

Below: Keep reading for Kylie Jenner's hot not-baby-daddy, ex-FDNY suing over anti-gay and anti-Hispanic hazing, the truth about Patient Zero, Nolan Gould frees the nipple, Tomi Lahren gets schooled, Trixie Mattel opens DragCon, and more  ...

TIM CHUNGSomeone needs to guard his body. (Image via Instagram @timmm.c)

EXTRATV: You may not be interested in Kylie Jenner or her baby, but then again, her former bodyguard Tim Chung speaking up about not fathering that baby comes with access to his Instagram:

KENNETH IN THE (212): This guy's quads almost can't be contained by jeans.

GAY POP BUZZ: Massive syphilis outbreak in Palm Springs.

TroinaTroina (Image via Facebook)

TOWLEROAD: Former FDNY firefighter Michael Troina has filed a federal suit against his old employers, claiming he was mercilessly hazed for being Hispanic and for the perception that he is gay. Among his claims, he says he was taken to a strip club, urged to have sex with a stripper, then belittled with slurs for refusing.

Gaetan DugasDugas was scapegoated, harming all people with HIV, and also smearing gay men as disease-spreaders. (Image via video still)

ADVOCATE: Fascinating look at Gaëtan Dugas, the promiscuous flight attendant tarred as Patient Zero. Thanks to Randy Shilts's And the Band Played On, and apparently thanks to a typo, a writer is arguing that while Dugas was probably connected to a larger-than-average rate of HIV infection in California, yet was in no way responsible for introducing the epidemic to the States:

In 1985 Randy Shilts set out to write a heroes-and-villains history of the epidemic. Bringing a similarly black-and-white evaluation to the actions of the individuals he researched, he decided — on the basis of what I deem highly questionable evidence — that Dugas was deliberately trying to infect other people. I join the ranks of other critics who have argued that Shilts characterized Dugas in an unfairly ahistorical manner, untethered to the confusion, fear, and uncertainty of 1982 and 1983 that would have been Dugas's reality. Dugas’s role as a tragic and dangerous figure is only one thread among many in Shilts’s book, yet it was one of the most potent. Shilts’s publisher, St. Martin’s Press, used the Patient Zero story to market the book, and from 1987 onwards, the idea of Patient Zero became synonymous with disease origins and the supposedly malicious intent and blameworthiness of HIV-positive individuals.

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: Garrett Hedlund and Charlie Hunnam went barefoot-running,  trawling for attention. (Fishin' accomplished!)

LGBTQ NATION: Kehlani and Hayley Kiyoko have expressed dissatisfaction with the lyrics of new wannabe bi anthem “Girls.”

UnnamedSpeaking of Kehlani — listen to THIS!

What are your thoughts?

Nolan GouldGould has a future as a National Geographic photographer. (Image via Instagram @nolangould)

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Adorable Nolan Gould from Modern Family, who is 19, has fun showing off shirtless on vacay.


HUFF POST: Seann William Scott replaces Clayne Crawford on Lethal Weapon. Borghi-napoli-velata

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Sexy Alessandro Borghi gets totally, totally naked.

TWITTER: Tomi Lahren, Hitler youth, made the usual anti-immigration arguments about how people in the U.S. better damn well speak English, only to get schooled on her own genealogy — priceless:

WOWPRESENTS: Trixie Mattel opened RuPaul's DragCon 2018 with this little number: