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May 17 2018
On His Mark, Get Set ... Go Donate To Broadway Bares! Comments (0)

I first met Mark MacKillop when he was dolefully doing booty duty at a GLAAD charity event, parading around in a Speedo and collecting bids on said Speedo. The gimmick was you'd win the article of clothing the guy was actually wearing.

He was so sarcastic and hot I bought his Speedos — then gifted them to him. 

Meeting Mark 7 Years Ago — HERE!

Now, years later, he's come so far that he's doing the exact same thing, this time for Broadway Bares. (I consider looking good enough to do this particular thing so many years in a row as an achievement, not as monotony, BTW).

Help him raise money by following him on Instagram — he has flash sales on naked photos and more.