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May 29 2018
Roseanne Goes Full-Bore Racist On Valerie Jarrett, Slimes Soros As A Nazi, Lies About Chelsea; Wanda Sykes Quits Comments (0)

ROSEANNE Barr racism Bill CosbyIrony alert! Roseanne signed this cover for me in 1989! (Image via Matthew Rettenmund/Jet Magazine)

Roseanne Barr is belatedly apologizing after making a blatantly racist remark slamming Obama Administration veteran Valerie Jarrett, comparing her to Planet of the Apes.

2018-05-29After she trended on Twitter for the remark, Barr decided to apologize — after once again (please, just do it already!) promising to leave the platform:

Roseanne Barr(Images via Twitter)

This isn't the first time the mentally unhinged former comedy icon has sworn off Twitter, and it likely won't be the last.

Barr — someone who sees anti-Semitism EVERYWHERE (she has tweeted that people should dump all LGBT orgs because they support the murder of Jews, just as one example) — sure seems not to recognize racism, even when it comes from her own mouth.

Ironically, 29 ago, I went to a Roseanne Barr My Life as a Woman book signing in Chicago. It was MOBBED. She was among the first five or so people whose autograph I had ever sought, and in those days, I liked gimmicks ROseanne Barr autograph. For her, since there was such a rivalry in the media between herself and Bill Cosby, I thought it would be funny to have her sign over his face on something. I was 19 and completely missed those optics, but the old Roseanne, the liberal Roseanne, did not. Though I was peeved with her at the time, Roseanne correctly surmised that signing over a successful black man's face would give a racist vibe and, noticing a cover line I'd not even paid attention to on the Jet Magazine I bought, she answered “IS THERE A RISING TIDE OF RACISM?” with her handwritten “yes.” (Not the emphatic period.) She then signed &ldqou;Love, Roseanne” for me. (All of this is in my diary. You can't make this shit up.)

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 11.24.21 AMWho is Ivanka married to again, Roseanne? (Image via Twitter)

Nary a peep from ABC or Disney or producer Sara Gilbert on this latest outburst, or any of the star's absolutely unfounded conspiracy theories (including the new one, that Chelsea Clinton married a Soros nephew ... she didn't, but ... so what if she had?).

I will never understand how anyone sane can tune out this aspect of who Roseanne Barr has become and enjoy her new show.

UPDATE: Wanda Sykes, a consulting producer, has quit — she will not return for Season 2 of Roseanne