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May 12 2018
Firing Homo: When Simply Saying You're Gay Becomes Promoting A Gay Agenda Comments (0)

Stacy Bailey and wifeThis photo was framed as being “sexually inappropriate.” (Image via Stacy Bailey)

Mansfield, Texas, art teacher Stacy Bailey was pulled from class after she showed her pupils family photos that included on with her fiancée, in which they were dressed as Disney characters Dory and Nemo.

Via Star-Telegram: The reason why? Her critics say that by being openly gay, she is promoting a homosexual agenda. (Never mind that Dory is voiced by the most famous lesbian in the world, and that Disney movie has been seen by every child born since it came out. Doesn't that promote homosexuality? Does allowing gay people to live promote it?)

The Mansfield school district claims Bailey's open sexual presence (wait until Christmas next time) this year is the problem, saying in a statement:

That's when her actions in the classroom changed, which prompted her students to voice concerns to their parents.

The district claims by being openly gay, Bailey is not teaching in:

... an impartial and objective manner.

Being gay is not something that should have two sides, pro and con. It's who people are. Are black teachers supposed to downplay their race because white supremacy is a viable option? No. Gay teachers shouldn't have to be closeted in order to be employed.

The current Administration is aggressively anti-gay, and it is with that tone set at the top that bottom-feeders like the Mansfield school district are flourishing, or at least ballsily attempting to. In fact, Bailey said to Associate Superintendent Kimberly Cantu:

We plan to get married. When I have a wife, I should be able to say this is my wife without fear of harassment. When I state that, it is a fact about my life, not a political statement.

Know what Cantu replied? She said:

Well, right now it kind of is.

Right now. In the Trump era. Which is temporary. I hope Bailey bankrupts that district in her pending lawsuit.