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Jun 25 2018
Adam Rippon In The Raw For ESPN Comments (0)

Adam Rippon(Images by Mark Seliger for ESPN Magazine)

Speaking to ESPN Magazine for its Body Issue — and posing naked on the cover and inside — Adam Rippon is speaking out about the closet, his stamina, poor eating habits, and his shelf butt ...


Rippon is aware of his buns game:

When I was at the Olympics, one of my roommates — she is also a skater — said, “I know Iwhy people think [your butt] is fake. It looks like a shelf in your costume.” In skating, we're very lower-limb-dominant and it's important to keep our trunk and upper bodies very lean, because if you're lighter, you will jump higher, and if you're thinner, you will spin faster. But it's finally time to put all of those questions to rest. All of the doubters, all of the naysayers, they'll finally have the proof they've been looking for!

He had a touch of an eating disorder before righting himself:

For a while, I was trying to be as thin as possible. But what I was doing wasn't right. I was starving myself, because I was trying to be as lean as some of my counterparts 10 years younger than me. Eventually I worked with a nutritionist at the Olympic training center. I went in and said: "I don't have an eating disorder, but I have a problem." It was hard to break the cycle, but when I broke my foot, I was forced into a place of figuring it out. I listened to everything I was taught, and when I got back onto the ice, I was so much stronger and better than I was before. 

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