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Jun 04 2018
Male Model's Curve Ball + Gay Vlogger's Alien Encounter + Everybody Hates Roseanne + Giuliani: Trump Could Shoot Comey + Troye On TODAY + POSE Review + Where In The World Is Melania? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)


Above: Surf and turf! Austin Wolf with some of the latest RDR girls.

Below: Keep reading for a show-off model, an interview with a Pose pioneer, Troye Sivan Today, the death of a Soap star, a game of Where's Melania?, and more ...

June04Juni_Web9Matthew loves Joni (Image by Paul van der Linde for DNA)

DNA: Paul van der Linde shoots Joni for DNA.

ITUNES: Gay-interest The KAOS Brief is on VOD June 19 (and avail to pre-order now). It's a sci-fi flick about twins who see strange lights in the sky, seling itself as a found-footage film for the tech generation. Trailer: 

JOE.MY.GOD.: Giuliani brags that Trump could have shot, rather than fired, Comey and still not been indicted for it. Really, bitch? Then I wish he would've — two birds, one stone kinda thing. Because he sure as hell can be arrested and indicted.

EXTRATV: Bill Maher says old pal Roseanne Barr is racist, mocks her (alleged) multiple-personality disorder. Michael Moore, another old friend, offers compassion — but makes clear that Roseanne is not Roseanne at the moment. Ex-hubby Tom Arnold says Barr is “obviously” a racist. Maybe they can just reboot Amos & Andy for her.

TODAY: Troye Sivan performs on Today, and he's been saving this for you:

QUEERTY: Queerty chats with trans actress Hailie Sahar of Pose about her career. On starring as Lulu Abundance on the new show:

I know I’m doing something very historic, so it gives me a sense of diligence and determination to portray not only my character but myself in a manner that sheds light on transgender people in a respectful way. I feel honored because I’m one of those people who believes nothing in this life happens by chance. I think that each individual person, especially the five leading ladies of this show, were selected for a divine reason and purpose. But being part of this show, being one of the leading ladies, lets me know that I’m doing something correctly in my life, that the universe selected me to be a voice, to step forward. We’re all in this movement together, and we all have a sense of duty. The message I want to get across is very simple. It is love and acceptance. So being selected to be one of those people just lets me know that I’m doing something right, that the universe saw that in me because it could have been anyone in my position. I feel very blessed.

34343685_1927722993927434_5683220585719529472_oThe handiwork of glitterbugs (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

VOX: If Vox says the new FX drama Pose — based on the vogueing-ball subculture of the '80s — is a mixture of Paris Is Burning, Friday Night Lights, Angels in America, Falcon Crest and The Bonfire of the Vanities, how can you skip it?

Tons of Pics from the Pose Drag Ball — HERE

Robert-mandan-soapRobert Mandan: February 2, 1932—April 29, 2018 (Image via ABC)

GR8ERDAYS: Soap star Robert Mandan dies @ 86. Full obit of the man who so deliciously played sleep-around Chester Tate. DeeDnriXcAELCz4-780x585

THE HILL: Melania Trump hasn't been seen in public since May 19; she will not travel with her employer-husband to Singapore or the G7 summit, either.

OMG BLOG: Michelle Visage admits that Shangela shoulda won!

HUFF POST: Valedictorian with a 4.216 GPA trolls class at commencement in Kentucky, citing Trump as the source of an inspirational quote — CHEERS! — and then revealing it was Barack Obama who actually said it — CRICKETS.

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Model Jules Raynal shows it allllll.

Jules-raynal-lui-italia-june-2017-cover-story_11Family Jules (Image by Frederic Monceau)