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Jun 07 2018
EW: Stan By Me Comments (0)

Pose(Image via Entertainment Weekly)

One step forward, two steps back for EW.

Great Pose cover, which correctly hones in on what the show does right (“heartfelt”), but did you see the embarrassingly gushy sory they posted online about the A Star Is Born trailer? The film has good buzz and it's not crazy to talk about Oscar buzz based on that, but the header says Gaga already deserves an Oscar based on the snippets of her performance seen in the clip, and then goes on to describe the film almost as if it were being reviewed, not previewed. 

The writer is an unapologetic Gaga stan on Twitter. (A recent post is about how Sam Smith stole Gaga's Best Original Song Oscar.) No shame in that! We all know who I stan for. You've got to have unbridled passion for things, especially as an entertainment writer.

But when you're writing a piece for an entertainment magazine and not your personal blog, a little more professional reserve, please. (The same enthusiastic writer did a piece on singers who have “slayed” on the big screen — and already includes Gaga. Pre-release. Oh, and Demi Lovato rates a mention for a Smurfs voice and Kylie Minogue for her San Andreas cameo, but no Madonna for VisionQuest, Desperately Seeking Susan, Dick Tracy or A League of Their Own ... okay, sure.)

The industry is definitely rooting for this movie to be good and do well or both, but this kind of over-the-top coverage strikes a desperate note. Let's, I don't know, see it before nominating it?

(P.S. I'm sure it'll get a song nomination; that isn't hard to guess.)