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Jun 01 2018
The Men Of INSECURE + Rubio Campaign Chair Likens Obama To Curious George + Aiden Turner Shirtless + Pogo Says His Pulse Cheering Was For Pretend + Feckless C-Gate Rages + MORE! — 12 PACK Comments (0)

Above: The eventual unveiling is going to be a pretty picture. Follow here.

Below: Insecure hotness, the shirtless Poldark hunk, Vienna readying itself for Patti LaBelle, anti-gay Pogo claims he was just joshing' around and is really bicurious (but also loves right-wing nuts), Trump digs in on Samantha Bee, and more ...

How-To-Go-From-Isecure-To-02Steamy! (Image via HBO)

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): The men of Issa Rae's Insecure strip down for a shoot!

RAW STORY: Rubio campaign chair is fighting the good fight that would allow white ladies to compare black former presidents to monkeys because hey, if the banana fits, it isn't racism!

Aiden-TurnerPoldark's pec-tacular hero (Image via BBC)

ATTITUDE: Aiden Turner has a rockin' body, and yet he's been reticent to go fully naked during the soon-to-be four seasons of the British series Poldark, even though his character skinnydips in the books on which it's based. Luckily, he has no problem shucking his shirt. 

JUST JARED: Native South African Charlize Theron given the Swarovski Crystal of Hope Award at the Kaiserpavilion at Tiergarten Schoenbrunn in Vienna, Austria, in honor of her work to fight HIV and AIDS in Africa. Speaking of Vienna, Patti LaBelle (above) is just one of the big stars in Vienna for this year's Life Ball!

PogoThere is no difference between espousing anti-gay violence seriously or jokingly if it's taken seriously. (Video still via Pogo)

TOWLEROAD: Pogo (Nick Bertke) issues new video, claiming that his very explicit remarks about hating gay people so much he cheered on the Pulse murders were just made to trigger people. Hey, Pogo, kill yourself! JK JK, I'm just urging that to trigger you. This guy is full of shit.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 10.59.12 AMI fucking hate you if you support this man in any way. (Image via Twitter)

WONKETTE: The left has learned from the Kathy Griffin brouhaha, and seems to be mostly supportive of Samantha Bee's right to call Ivanka Trump what she is, a feckless cunt. It's really not hypocrisy — Roseanne Barr, as just one example, called Hillary Image-34 Clinton a cunt and was vulgar countless times, yet did not lose her show over vulgarity; she lost it over racism. Vulgarity. Is. Not. The. Same. As. Racism.

Ivanka, meanwhile posted a pic of herself cuddling her child the same day news broke that thousands of immigrants' children were torn from their parents and are presently unaccounted for. That is something feckless cunts do.

Now, fake-President Trump is calling for Bee, his journalist critic, to be fired. That is something despots do.


JOE.MY.GOD.: Justin Trudeau is blasting Trump over his everyone's-against-them proposed tariffs. Next, Trump'll be saying Canada's gonna pay to build a second wall.

BOSGUY: This dude's swim trunks never stood a chance against those thighs!

BILLBOARD: Did Courtney Love and Sam Lufti (yes, Britney's ex and ex-manager) conspire to have Love's daughter's ex-husband murdered over his ownership of the late Kurt Cobain's iconic Unplugged guitar? A new lawsuit may ferret out the facts:

According to the civil complaint filed in Los Angeles County, Love, Lutfi and Butler entered into a criminal conspiracy to commit trespass, burglary, home invasion, robbery, assault, battery, kidnapping and murder against Silva, all in order to take possession of the guitar, which is believed to be worth millions of dollars. Billboard has reached out to Love's rep for comment.

What a tragic waste of talent Love is.

099_matt_bomer_and_jim_parsons_in_the_boys_in_the_band_photo_by_joan_marcus_2018-h_2018Bald-faced honesty in The Boys in the Band (Image by Joan Marcus)

BOYS IN THE BAND: Kenneth loved The Boys in the Band — review here. Time Out awards it 4/5 stars — review here. Variety thinks it's mostly super — review here. THR praises the wild party — review here. The NYT's Ben Brantley snarkily notes he was unmoved — review here. Deadline thinks it's almost major — review here. Broadway News digs it — review here. The Guardian admits it still packs a punch, despite showing its age — review here.

Buddies-1-e1526493591186The bad old days (Image via Quad Cinema)

QUAD: Buddies, the groundbreaking 1985 film about AIDS, will screen June 22 (tix on sale June 18) at the Quad Cinema in NYC, with actor David Schachter present!

PANDORA: Big Freedia talks about coming out and fully embracing Gay Pride Month: