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Jun 11 2018
Men Of Moschino + Nolan Gould's Revealing Insta + The Gang's All QUEER AS FOLK + Troye Sivan BLOOMs (Just For You) + IHOP —> IHOB + Garfield & Parkland Survivors At The Tonys + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Charles Laurent is perfection — more here.

Below: Moschino madness, Nolan Gould's VPL, Queer as Folk reunion, new Troye Sivan, meat the new IHOB, Garfield & Parkland survivors steal the Tonys, and more ...

MoschinoNot exactly wearable, but adorable! (Image via Adriano B.)

F*CKING YOUNG!: Adriano B. turns in a fun photo essay of the Moschino line. The models are fashionably hot.

Nolan GouldNolan's VPL is the real view (Image via Instagram)

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Nolan Gould shows some peen.

Queer as Folk reunionThe gang's all queer! (Image via EW)

EW: The cast of the American Queer as Folk have reunited for the first time since the series ended! Actor Peter Paige said of the groundbreaking series:

People came for the queer, they stayed for the folk.

His co-star, Robert Gant, said:

“Two of the survivors of the Pulse attack came up to me and said, “We just wanna thank you all for having done that story line about Babylon [nightclub getting bombed.]” They were just very teary, and I feel that there are so many aspects that have stayed current.

Great pic and vids of the momentous occasion.

YOUTUBE: A trip into Troye Sivan's garden — via “Bloom” — is lush and sensual:

KENNETH IN THE (212): Random cute dude in his underwear.

IHOBPass. (Image via IHOB, or whatever)

TWITTER: IHOP has become IHOB. It was presumed that the B would be for breakfast, but turns out it's for burgers. What the hell? No.

HUFF POST: Ohio is aggressively purging infrequent voters from its rolls, an action that disenfranchises voters, makes it harder for them to vote, and disproportionately affects minorities (who skew Democratic) — all of which are not side effects but reasons why the Republicans there implemented the law. And now, SCOTUS has ruled (5-4, thanks again, those who didn't vote for Hillary Clinton) that this is A-okay.

TWITTER: Kylie Minogue will play an intimate show at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC June 25. Tickets go on sale Wednesday.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Barack Obama has held private meetings in recent months with as many as nine possible Democratic presidential contenders, including Deval Patrick, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. Interesting.

TWITTER: Kathy Griffin is donating $2 from every ticket sold to one of her shows (as long as it's purchased in June) to the Trevor Project, and she's got Colton Haynes helping her break the news:

YOUTUBE: Andrew Garfield's Tony acceptance speech was a full-throated endorsement of the LGBTQ community, and of equality and love:


YOUTUBE: Watch survivors of the Parkland shooting belt “Season of Love” at the Tonys: