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Jun 30 2018
Your Nightly Briefing: L'Homme Invisible's Morpheus Line Comments (0)

L'Homme Invisible -  Morpheus Line 05(All images via L'Homme Invisible)

L'Homme Invisible's new Morpheus Line is here — and barely-there ...

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The Night The Gay Community Decided Against Kissing Richard Pryor's Happy, Rich, (Bisexual,) Black Ass Comments (0)

My friend Michael Michaud posted today about an event that happened nearly 41 years ago, and that 2-3-2013-6-36-00-AMwill forever stay with him — a benefit concert in favor of gay rights at a time when Anita Bryant was on the warpath to ensure that all gay people were disenfranchised even more than we already were.

His remembrance of being struck with a bigot's baseball bat, then having to endure (bisexual) Richard Pryor's homophobic, probably coked-up outburst from the stage is riveting.

Bootleg Betty also has a piece on how that evening went. Shocking that Pryor did that at such a fledgling moment for gay rights.

A bio of Pryor recalls the evening like so, and here's how Jet recorded the evening, starting with a slam that it was pompous to be about gay rights:

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Aquaria Urges: BURN RUBBER Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 6.37.16 PM(Image via Aquaria)

Big fan of Aquaria, but “Burn Rubber” is another garbage song from a Ru alum. Why do they always make such crappy tunes? Oh, well ...

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I Love A Good Sale Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via Charlie by MZ

... don't you?! (Click here to partake.)

You're Welcome: Bluebuck's Nautical Collection Comments (0)

Bluebuck - Nautical collection 09(Image via Bluebuck)

Bluebuck, a UK-based brand, is launching its Nautical Collection. Gotta love the rugged looks — and the hot model ...

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Big Male Stars + Taron Does Elton + Baby Boy For Tom & Lance + Immigration Protests + Death By Saran Wrap + Nyle DiMarco's Kinky Boots! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Love a strong brow.

Below: Keep reading for big (extra-large, in fact) news, death by mummification, Nyle DiMarco's boots, Taron Eltonjohn, and more ...

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Explaining The Journey Of Marriage Equality Comments (0)

Edie WindsorThe late Edie Windsor at the NY Pride March 2017 — a few months before her death (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

As we enter an unsettling phase at the SCOTUS — where gay marriage rights could feasibly be in jeopardy (already) — check out this fascinating series of interviews with the late, great Edie Windsor, which go a long way toward explaining our victorious struggle to bring marriage equality to the U.S. ...

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In Honor Of Canada Day Tomorrow ... Canadian Hotness! Comments (0)

Ryan Reynolds nude(Image via video still/Mr. Man)

Check out Mr. Man for a video of some of Canada's finest famous men — naked as the day they were born, eh?