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Jun 27 2018
Kennedy To Retire, Trump To Radically Reshape SCOTUS For A Generation Comments (0)

Ct-supreme-court-justice-anthony-kennedy-retires-20180627(Image via head shot)

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, long a decision-tilting (but ultimately right-leaning) jurist, has announced he is retiring at the end of next month at the age of 81.

His departure, following a string of right-wing votes in cases decided by Trump's stolen pick — Gorsuch — will allow Trump and his Republicans free reign to choose whomever they would like to fill the vacant seat. Expect an anti-immigrant, anti-POC, anti-abortion rights, anti-LGBTQ jurist around the age of 45, to maximize the disastrous effects.

This is all happening in a rush before November, because the right (if not Trump himself) knows the Republicans will go down in flames.

But it won't matter when the top court is stacked with right-wingers.

This is what every one of you motherfuckers who bitched about Hillary asked for. Congrats!

I'll tell you what, if they remove abortion and gay rights, I bet D.C. burns.