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Jun 06 2018
Kim Kardashian's Pet Project Pays Off: Alice Johnson's Sentence Commuted By PR-Savvy Trump Comments (0)

Kim-kardashian-donald-trump-meeting-twitter-social-hp-crop-1527781336What does it take to grab his attention? Money and fame. Period. (Image via White House)

Trump did, as expected, commute the unfair sentence that had Alice Johnson rotting in prison for decades.

Look, Alice Johnson should never have been tossed into prison for life for what she did, drug-related or no. It was a travesty. Kudos to Mic and yes, to Kim Kardashian, for seeing that and trying to fix it.

But news that Trump has commuted Johnson's sentence a week after a photo op with Kardashian is not all good. It's great for Johnson, it's great for making Kim look good, but it also offers a distorted perception that Trump has empathy — and that he is serious about prison reform.

He is not.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump as glitzy starfuckers, so it's only natural they'd be on outreach to Kim — whose husband just so happens to be a black rapper who randomly decided he's pro-Trump recently. Coincidence? Or paybacks?

Trump, in commuting this sentence, gets free PR and without having to enact any systemic change. He also, thanks to Kim's AAA-list name, gets oodles of kudos even though his predecessor, Barack Obama commuted more than 200 sentences for nonviolent, drug-related crimes and got barely a blip of atention for it. Trolls on Twitter are already crowing that Trump has done more on the issue than Obama — and all he's done is commute one sentence. (Along with disgusting pardons for Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Dinesh D'Souza, etc.)

Kim's heart may or may not be in the right place, but I see this as a very negative thing. It simply helps Trump, and it is another example of an elite getting attention. Pardons and commutations should be vetted, they should not be handed out like gift bags at charity events.

Congrats to Johnson, but we're all going to pay for this one.