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Jun 05 2018
Mark Wahlberg: Birthday Boy's Birthday Suit Comments (0)

Mark Wahlberg, 47 today, is problematic whack-off material, considering his hate-crime past and conservative-Catholic present (he's ashamed of Boogie Nights, the best thing he's ever done aside from hitting the gym), but ... he's still fun to look at.

Keep reading for more glimpses at his body of work, if only because it would bother him to know gay men were drooling over his form ...

As pictured at the top of this post, The Basketball Diaries allowed Wahlberg to show of his chest 'n' shoot some hoops.

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In 1996, Wahlberg appeared in Fear with Reese Witherspoon. The sculpted 24-year-old played the kind of psycho you'd have arrested ... after letting him fuck you.

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He also flashed a little (okay, a lot of) skin in The Big Hit.

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Mark finally gave up the booty in The Corruptor (1999).

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The butt was back again in Ted (2012), this time being whipped by a teddy bear.

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Into daddies? Try Daddy's Home.

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Check out Mark and Leonardo DiCaprio mooning — that'll show 'em!

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