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Jun 22 2018
Most Bizarre Celebrity Children's Names Comments (0)


Celebrities are always in the news for some bizarre acts or incidents, and that includes the bizarre names of the babies of some famous folks.

We are sure you are going to have hours of contemplation after going through the bizarre names that celebrity couples choose for their babies ...

(1) Audio Science

Well, we are not talking about the subject that Shannyn Sossamon studied in colleg — but it’s what she chose to call her baby!

(2) Denim

The name was selected by Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis for their child. We don’t know what went behind the naming — love for jeans or something to do with the color blue!

(3) Heiress Harris

We don’t know if the child of rapper T.I. will be able to pronounce her name without going into a tongue-twister every time!

(4) Apple

Adam and Eve or Steve Jobs… we really fancy why Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin chose to call their baby Apple! We may never discover the mystery — but we sure think that it is one different name out there. Perhaps, the baby is the apple of their eye?

(5) Birdie

The name is funnier than being bizarre! Some even consider it a cute name with an old-fashioned feeling… but surely it’s funny to call a child Birdie like Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein did.

(6) Ode Mountain DeLorenzo Malone

The name may fool you into thinking that we are talking about some poetry! But in reality we are talking about the child of Jena Malone of the Hunger Games fame. She named her boy Ode Mountain DeLorenzo Malone when he was born in 2016. It seems she has a great connection with nature.

(7) Blue Ivy

No, it’s not a plant but a cute bay girl. Beyonce and JAY-Z chose to call their daughter Blue Ivy out of love. The name is really outstanding and a bit bizarre for a human we think!

(8) Rocket Zot

Now we are talking bizarre! The Avatar actor Sam Worthington gave the name to his first child and his wife Lara Bingle also seemed to like it. The couple said that they like the way the name of their baby sound and the first name Rocket was chosen at random. The last name Zot is actually Worthington’s father’s nick name.

(9) Dream

We really wonder why anyone would call something as realistic as a human baby by the name Dream! But it’s the decision taken by the parents Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna who had an infamous relationship.

(10) Future

It shows tha Ciara and Future weren't very imaginative when it comes to naming their baby. They just chose the name of Future for their baby though it’s not a futuristic thing we are talking about!

So what do you want to call your baby? Which of these names did you find the most interesting? Let us know in the comments below!