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Jun 25 2018
Nyle Nude + Mila's New Jam + Dem Uses Grindr For Votes + Gay Black Artist Unpacked + RIP, Old Man + Violet Chachki Covers GALORE + Shirtless Adonis + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Put the past behind you.

Below: Keep reading for Nyle DiMarco naked, Sarah Huckabee Sanders' keening for her lost chicken dinner, a new anti-gay SCOTUS punt, new tunes from Mila Jam and Billy Winn, and more ...

DgT6JLlWAAET7Je.jpg-largeSame to ya, big feller!(Image via Gay Times)

TWITTER: Nyle DiMarco is in love with his Gay Times cover because I LOVE YOU is painted all over his naked body in ASL.

MILA JAM: “Better Days” is here, via Mila Jam (who was so winning in Broadway Bares recently):

NYP: He's running for Congress as a Democrat, and Suraj Patel is not above using fake Grindr and Tinder profiles with which to engage you. Seems like a minor transgression, but LGBT Network's David Kilmnick is enraged, stating:

On the day of NYC Pride, where hundreds of thousands will be brave and courageous coming out as their true authentic selves for being LGBT, Suraj Patel’s actions are unethical and demonstrates he’s out of touch with issues that LGBT people face every day. These dating apps are designed to be safe spaces for LGBT people to meet one another.

Girl, chill, Grindr is anything but a safe space. Safe crawlspace, maybe.


L.A. TIMES: Jonathan Lyndon Chase's paintings of gay black men are examined in depth on the occasion of his first L.A. exhibition.

NYT: SCOTUS punts on florist vs. gays case. Jesus, it's not hard to feel the impact of all those people becoming embolded by Trump — even SCOTUS justices seem to be throwing in the towel.

WOW: World of Wonder has added 9 new shows to its Sickening Summer Series slate, including a reality show featuring Miss Vanjie ... Miss Vanjie ...

JOE. MY. GOD.: Trump and now the Virginia GOP are Shs6-660x330trying to put the Red Hen out of business for daring to refuse service to lyin'-ass Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Maybe a Republican congressman should play audio of Sanders bawling after being separated from her chicken dinner as a way of hammering home the severity of this situation.

GR8ERDAYS: With Louise Watson's death, there are now just 14 human beings alive known to have appeared in a Silent Era silent movie in any capacity. The oldest is 104, the youngest is 89.

EXTRATV: Pawn Stars figure The Old Man dies @ 77.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 1.23.52 PM(Image by Vijat Mohindra for Galore)

GALORE: Violet Chachki covers Galore, talks up her fashion inspirations, whether she wants to be a woman, and all about Moschino:

I never really wanted to look like a woman, I wanted to look like a drag woman. I wanted to look like a drawing of a woman. I’ve always been influenced by fashion illustrators such as Patrick Nagel, René Gruau, and René Bouché. I just always want to look really graphic. It blends into the fetish aesthetic as well as glamour.

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BILLY WINN: For the Winn! Check out the new song and video “Seal It with a Kiss” by Billy Winn: