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Jun 26 2018
Sean Hayes: More Than Just Jack Comments (0)

Sean_Hayes_as_Jack(Image via NBC)

Sean Hayes chats with PrideSource, taking on the criticism he gets for playing flaming queen Jack ...

Chris Azzopardi interviews Hayes about his famous character, who gets clapback from within the gay community:

People wondered if Jack was too stereotypical for TV in 2018 and expressed some concern over what the straight community might think of us.

I think that’s insider homophobia. Because I know people like Jack, because one part of me is like Jack, and so if you’re saying people in the gay community were concerned that I was playing Jack a certain way and people would “worry” that gay people act like that, they do act like that. And there’s people who act like Will. There are people on all spectrums of human behavior in the gay community, just like there are people on all spectrums of human behavior in the straight community, so I nix that and I say “bye” to that – I say, “bye, Felicia!” – because that doesn’t make any sense to me.

Similarly, Cam of “Modern Family” was criticized for being an over-the-top and exaggerated version of what a gay person is, and I’m like, what exactly is a gay person supposed to be in 1998 or 2018?

Yeah, exactly. What are they supposed to be? And by the way, they are exaggerated, some of them. And so are straight people. Look at Jim Carrey, look at Robin Williams. There are lots of straight people who are exaggerated as well. I hate that argument – no, I’m glad you brought it up. I’m just saying I love talking about it, because it’s ridiculous.

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